My wife was eight months pregnant, Yang, I want to separate, why scold me?


I really do n’t understand why some men get married, so selfish, you ca n’t get it alone, what kind of marriage.

Seeing a question on Zhihu, it was simply to make me angry.

A male comrade asked: My wife was 8 months pregnant, and she was yang.Is it appropriate to separate with your wife?

His wife has been pregnant for eight months, and this eye is going to the due date, unfortunately.Is it appropriate to separate from his wife at this time?I don’t know how this male comrade asked such a question cheekily. Isn’t this stupid? Looking for scolding?

Don’t think about what to do if there is a problem?

This is two lives. At this time, if there is a problem with adults, it is incredible.Have you seen your wife as a person? Why are you getting married? For four months, you finally came back, just because your wife lived in your mother’s house, are you so afraid that you are sick?Why don’t you worry about your pregnant wife who can’t carry it and don’t worry about what wrong your child has.

What do you say?On the other way, my mother will go to the meal every day. Now I am back, and I will go to the meal.Can’t you live together and make her meals?Seeing what she needs, you are helping her, and it is good to talk to her. Don’t let her face everything.

In the late pregnancy, it is not only physical difficulty, but also psychological difficulties, not to mention she is still Yang.

Is it irresponsible to not go home?Of course, it is not an individual at all.

Then now he says he is yang. I want to say that you are very good, you should let you Yang, let you realize how uncomfortable you will be, see if you will be a bit empathetic.How tired your parents can give me a meal, knowing that you are considerate of your parents, and you don’t know how to be considerate of your wife in the third trimester.

It ’s right if your wife does n’t let you go back. Why did you go early? Now that Yang knows that you go back, what do you go back, and let your wife who is eight months pregnant wait for you?Several of the road, I am embarrassed by your parents. What is the logic of this?

I also opened it, the forest was big, there were all birds, and the epidemic was now selfish.

My wife is eight months pregnant, and I want to separate, why scold me?

Just because you are not an individual, you will not be worthy of marriage at all.

Self -selfish, cowardly, not responsible, completely immature, I don’t know how to respect and distress my wife. I really feel so distressed that the fast -born woman. My husband is such a cold blood. What is the hope of such a marriage?If it was me, I unfortunately met such a husband and said that they would divorce everything.

What have you ever been, continue to be in a panting in the broken cold marriage?

Your life is not life for him, it is a tool for having a child to help them.


I have always told many women that in my marriage, I might as well be "jealous and hatred."

I am so.

Don’t be so anxious to get pregnant and have children, first measure your husband and wife feelings, and measure if your husband is a good husband.Women must go through a lot in marriage, to conceive in October, and may also be in a weak position because of pregnancy. They must experience the suffering of pregnancy, the pain of production, the suffering of confinement, the pain of breastfeeding, and the tiredness of the baby.Because you have to pay so much, you must choose a man who is good to you. It is better to love him the most.

Love you, you will have the same mind to you, and you will feel bad for you.

We have to measure how he is to you in the marriage relationship, and it is not worth your dedication.

Traditional women have to endure unfortunately in marriage, and only tolerance will be happy; but is it really happy?But it is self -deceiving.Modern women are already different from before. Do not let themselves continue to stretch in unfortunate marriage. The marriage is unfortunate. The man is not worthy of entrustment. The divorce is good. Whoever leaves can live.

If the child’s father is a very selfish person, such dad should not.

Don’t say that for the family’s integrity, for the children’s divorce, you do not divorce the child.

Some readers asked me before, saying why I could believe in my marriage so much.

I said, do I want to pay? The premise of what I do is to see how he is and how he treats me.If he is not good to me, I will never continue to be with him, and I will immediately discard him.I am not a woman who is big as a man. I pay more attention to how I live in my marriage. Is it really happy?

My husband will not do such cold -blooded things, and I don’t allow such garbage people to enter my intimate relationship.

So, when you know what the other half of your half is and how cold blood is you, you have to consider what you should do next.There is no way to change. Jiangshan is easy to change the nature, and the two people are together to get together, so you will live a real joy.

Some men are not suitable for getting married. They only value their own interests and do not treat their wives as people.I emphasize the importance of the nature of the person in the spouse. You must know that he will not do anything hurtful and harmful; on the contrary, he will do some people who make you feelVery incredible thing.

Recognize your marriage, recognize your partner, be soberly sober, and you should disperse.


During this time, because of the epidemic, let us see the human nature of some people.

For example, there is another news: women take care of her husband to be infected with high fever.

She has been pregnant for six months, her husband is infected, and she has to take care of her husband with a big belly, because she is also infected by taking care of her husband. As a result, her husband goes out when he gets better.point.Is it so important to drink?When can I drink it, my wife is sick and drink?

The woman said that her husband was 8 years younger than her. When he was in love with him before, he felt that he was very good to herself, and did not need to worry about housework, but after experiencing this incident, she was mixed.It’s right.

Because of Yang, do you see the truth of marriage?

I do n’t believe it. How can he have appeared to you when you usually appear, but you did n’t pay attention to it. You did n’t care at that time.And when you are sick and his attitude is naked in front of you, you feel that he has become a person.

In fact, he has never changed, and that’s always the case.

What should I do to treat such a marriage?

I want to say that if you don’t want to leave without you, then love yourself in the future, don’t care too much about that man so that you can be less sad in marriage.When he is sick, you don’t take care of him, see what he reacts.Isn’t it cold?I can also be very cold to you, and I have no obligation to you. I just treat you by your way of treating me.

Think about yourself, since the marriage can’t give you the warmth you want, then simply don’t.

Wait for yourself, wait for the man to ask you, let them see the ghost.

I have always been in my marriage: I treat him, how much I pay for marriage depends on how he treats me.If he is not good at me, he is ridiculed by me, regardless of whether we care about it, then our relationship ended.I will never let myself pay for a person who is worthless, and I will not love someone who is not good for me.

A bit of your own bottom line and attitude.


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