National Love Day: Eight issues that hepatitis B virus should know

March 18 is the 22nd National Love Day. This year’s publicity theme is "participation, active screening, standardized diagnosis and treatment, and healing hepatitis."Knowledge of toxic hepatitis, participation in the whole people, actively screening, standardized diagnosis and treatment, and effectively prevent hepatitis and complications.

In order to enhance everyone’s awareness of liver and liver care and popularize the knowledge of liver disease prevention, Zhu Bing, deputy chief physician of the Fifth Medical Center of the General Hospital of the PLA, has eight major issues that should be known for everyone to carry hepatitis B virus.

First, what is hepatitis B virus carried?

There are currently about 70 million people in my country that have infections of chronic hepatitis B virus, of which about 20 million-30 million patients with chronic hepatitis B patients are carried in hepatitis B virus.The so -called portrait of hepatitis B virus refers to the chronic infection of hepatitis B virus in the human body, but the virus does not cause obvious damage to the liver, and the virus is in a "peaceful coexistence" stage.

2. Do hepatitis B virus carrying need to be treated?

Whether the hepatitis B virus carrier needs to be treated, the answer to this question is certain.Because the virus is not healthy, the virus may increase the damage to the liver at any time.Due to the current limitations of antiviral treatment, hepatitis B virus has not caused significant damage to the liver, and hepatitis B virus carriers should be reviewed every six months. Once the virus is found to attack the liver, it is necessary to start treatment.For some special high -risk patients, if there are liver cirrhosis and liver cancer family history, application of immunosuppressive agents to treat other diseases, and need maternal and infant blocking, antiviral treatment can be considered.

3. Is hepatitis B virus infectious?

Hepatitis B virus is contagious, and the infectious level depends on the level of hepatitis B virus nucleic acid (HBV DNA) level. The higher the HBV DNA, the stronger the infectivity.Hepatitis B virus is mainly through maternal and infant, blood (including small trauma of the skin and mucosa) and sexual transmission. The infectiousness is relatively not strong. Generally, as long as you develop good hygiene habits, hepatitis B vaccine is generally not infected.

4. How does the hepatitis B virus carrier develop?

If maintenance is well maintained, most of the hepatitis B virus may be carried for life. Except for infectiousness, the liver is not damaged and can live like normal people.Some patients disappear due to good immunity, the surface antigen HBSAG (Australia) disappeared, and the portable state ends.If the condition changes and liver merits are repeatedly abnormal, it will develop into a chronic hepatitis B. If it is not treated in time, it may develop into cirrhosis and even suffer from liver cancer. During this period, if the liver inflammation is severe, liver failure may occur.

Fifth, how do hepatitis B virus carriers arrange for fertility?

Hepatitis B virus can be born normally without having to worry too much.For men, the chance of transmitted to children is very low. Do not worry too much. As long as the child’s mother is healthy, fertility can be arranged normally.If it is a female carrying hepatitis B virus, a comprehensive examination needs to be checked before preparing for pregnancy, and it is confirmed to be the carrier of hepatitis B virus.During pregnancy, liver merit and HBV DNA need to be reviewed regularly. If the HBV DNA is greater than 2 × 105IU/L at 24 weeks of pregnancy, doctors generally arrange oral antiviral drug treatment to reduce the level of HBV DNA and realize the blockage of maternal and baby transmission.If the HBV DNA is low, it is treated according to the healthy population, but the child who has a positive mothers in Australia is in addition to injection of hepatitis B vaccine like a normal baby within 12 hours, and it is necessary to inject high -efficiency immunoglobulin to prevent hepatitis B virus infection infectionEssence

6. Does the carrier of hepatitis B virus affect employment?

At present, the state has pointed out that hepatitis B virus carriers can engage in various occupations normally. Except for special circumstances (such as joining the army, blood donation, etc.), obstacleYou can participate in various tasks, but we still advocate a regular review.

7. How to make friends with hepatitis B virus?

Hepatitis B virus is generally psychological due to the problem of making friends. Generally, general exchanges will not spread hepatitis B, and can meet normally, swim, hug, handshake, etc.The partner of hepatitis B virus carriers is recommended to check the surface antibody of hepatitis B. If there is no protective hepatitis B surface antibody, hepatitis B vaccine should be vaccinated in time.When having sex with the partner, the two sides should not kiss when the oral mucosa is broken, and do not intend to take contraceptive measures during pregnancy.

8. How do hepatitis B virus carriers perform daily maintenance?

Hepatitis B virus is carrying a state. It may develop this "peaceful coexistence" situation because of excessive exhaustion, sadness, drinking, etc., and developed into a state of hepatitis B., Monitor the condition of the condition, it is advisable to have a physical examination once in half a year; 2. Pay attention to maintaining a good immune state, do not overwork, drink alcohol, etc.; 3. Avoid taking liver damage drugs, etcOther viral hepatitis.(Han Zaoyuan sorted out)

Source: Xinhua News Agency Liberation Army Branch

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