Natural abortion cannot be treated lightly to prevent tragedy in time to prevent tragedy

Red Net Moment News December 6 (Correspondent Huang Yuying Wang Nansu) A couple who lives in Hetang District, Zhuzhou City. The wife’s abdominal pain was accompanied by vaginal bleeding at 7 weeks of pregnancy.It is found that the embryo tissue has been discharged, and natural abortion is considered.She was extremely annoyed: "Why is my natural abortion?"

Natural abortion is a common phenomenon, accounting for 10%to 15%of all pregnancy.Natural abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy for less than 28 weeks of pregnancy and less than 1000g of fetal weight.Abortion occurs within 3 months of pregnancy and is called early natural abortion, which occurs after 3 months.

What are the causes of natural abortion?

1. Maternal factors: There are complex and special immune relationship between the mother and the fetus, so that the mother’s body does not reject the fetus, but if the maternal and children are immune and exclude, there will be abortion.Endocrine disorders, such as lack of luteal function, low thyroid function, low ovarian dysfunction, etc. can cause abortion.Unusual reproductive organs such as uterine malformations and uterine tumors can affect embryo bed and development and cause abortion.Chronic diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, severe anemia, chronic nephritis, and hypertension can cause placenta infarction and cause abortion.High fever can cause a child to shrink and cause miscarriage.Bad habits such as excessive smoking, alcoholism, drinking coffee, and using drugs can also cause abortion.

2. Male factors: Male sperm quality is not good, sperm vitality does not meet the standard, or the sperm has a chlamydia and chlamydia infection in the semen.

3. Embryo development abnormal: This is the survival of the fittest that we often say, and some of them have miscarriage due to the development of embryos with abnormal chromosomes, and early abortion occurs early.

4. Poor stimulus of the outside world: Long -term contact with radiation, or chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene, chlorite, etc., can also cause abortion.

How to treat it?

Doctors will adopt corresponding treatment methods according to the specific situation of miscarriage.Pregnant women in the first sign should rest in bed, forbid sex, and avoid severe activities. For those with lack of luteal function, luteum, ground flexionwelthone and other treatments are applied.Maternal immune exclusion can be actively immunotherapy with lymphocytes; after tire preservation treatment, if vaginal bleeding stops, ultrasound indicates that the fetus survives and continues to protect tires.If the vaginal bleeding increases compared to the previous, or the ultrasonic indicates that embryo development is poor, the miscarriage is inevitable.If some pregnancy products have been discharged, they should be treated immediately to avoid major bleeding and life -threatening.

Under normal circumstances, if natural abortion occurs repeatedly 2 to 3 times, you should go to the hospital for comprehensive cause screening, Chinese medicine oral administration, acupuncture applied, acupuncture, retaining enema, traditional Chinese medicine, immunotherapy, etc.EssenceExperts from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecological Hospital of Hunan Province remind you that paying attention to pre -pregnancy examination, pre -pregnancy conditioning, scientifically preparing pregnancy, timely preservation to better meet good pregnancy.

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