Nausea, flatulence, and burning!Do these "small temper" that can easily cope with the stomach during pregnancy!

The little fairy wants to achieve his mother’s achievements, first of all, to have a strong stomach!A stomach that is enough to carry the whole pregnancy!I thought it was used to vomiting, but what was the having heartbroken heartburn?One wave of waves, one meal was restless, and occasionally I felt amazing once.But this is the price of baby’s health, and you will recognize it.Since it is unavoidable, is there any way to make the stomach less suffering?It is a different solution in the early pregnancy and late pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, the HCG levels and progesterone in the pregnant mothers rose rapidly. Faced with the sudden rise of hormone changes, the body would appear unacceptable for a while -pregnancy vomiting.In addition, due to the decrease in the secretion of gastric juice and gastric protease, the gastric emptying time is prolonged, and the stomach will have a sense of satiety and flatulence.

The balanced muscle of the gastrointestinal and intestines causes the gastrointestinal peristalsis to become slow, the stay of the stool is naturally lengthened, constipation and hemorrhoids occur.Although I do n’t know it when I can vomit my mother, the good news is that the reaction of early pregnancy will disappear naturally in about 4 months.

The relief plan (pregnant mothers with very serious early pregnancy reactions, please seek medical treatment in time!)

1. Drink plenty of water

If the pregnant mothers are disgusting in the morning, they can get up to drink a cup of warm water, which can increase blood flow and promote the market to alleviate the nausea to be active.In addition, boiled water is small to stomach stomach, can clearly understand the food residual food, and it is also very suitable for pregnant mothers who are obviously accelerated by metabolism.

2. Eat less

The dietary principle of pregnancy is to eat and vomit, vomit as much as possible to avoid empty stomachs, and require three meals a day to be described as very inhumane.You can eat 5-6 meals a day, and you can do your best to eat each time.Eat more protein and carbohydrate foods, such as biscuits, bread, etc.Eat less sweets, most of the sweets are acidic foods, which will excessively secrete gastric acid and aggravate flatulence.

3. Reasonable diet

During pregnancy, it is not suitable for a large amount of tonic. Heavy oil and heavy mouth will affect the normal digestion and absorption of the body. It should be practical in combination with physical conditions. Reasonable diet should be matched. Fresh fruits and fruits, foods containing dietary fiber can relieve early pregnancy discomfort.Easy to reduce diet, such as soy products, carbonated beverages, etc.

4. Add vitamin B6 as appropriate

While the diet needs to be adjusted, pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy can consider supplementing 10 ~ 20 mg vitamin B6, 3 times a day.Pregnant mothers with serious indigestion can take 20 mg of vitamin B1, 3 dried yeast and 0.3g of gastric protease.

5. Release stress science

Pregnant mothers who have been destroyed early in pregnancy can take a walk, listen to music, and exercise appropriately to help the body in a better state. They can release the depressed mood and promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce pregnancy.

After finally ending the early stages of vomiting pregnancy, I was finally disgusting. Finally, I could eat my mouth and eat it. As a result, the indigestion came again.In the second trimester, the increase in the uterus will inevitably pressure the gastrointestinal and other organs. The stomach is squeezed into shape.At the same time, pregnant mothers will feel a little panting due to the squeezing of the chest cavity.Difficulty of nausea, stomach pain, flatulence, and dyspnea will be accompanied by the entire middle pregnancy.

Relief plan:

1. Continue to eat less meals

Since the stomach cannot digest a lot of food at one time, pregnant mothers should continue to eat less diet rhythm.You can try some snack snacks in the meal gap.

2. Light food

This is mainly to remind pregnant mothers in summer, because the ball in the belly will feel hot and dry than before pregnancy.Although it is uncomfortable, do not eat too much cold food, which will aggravate gastrointestinal discomfort and indigestion.Heavy and taste irritating foods and fried foods also make gastrointestinal problems serious.Eat more fish, grains, meat, fruits and vegetables with more high -quality protein.

3. Stand up and move slowly after meals

After dinner, pregnant mothers can stand for a while to reduce the compression of the uterus to the stomach and induce gastric spange reflux.After a meal, you can do some gentle exercises, walking or pregnant women to help the gastrointestinal tract digestion.

The uterus in the third trimester is very huge. The gastrointestinal and intestines will be more stressful. At the same time, hormones will relax the muscles of the esophagus and gastric muscles, which makes the gastric acid easier to turn upside down and produce a heart burning.In addition to stomach reflexity and hot stomach, the stomach is forcibly squeezed into a state of lying horizontal, and it will easily snore.When the baby enters the basin, the discomfort of the stomach will improve a lot.

Remove the plan (the pregnant mother who seriously affects the normal swallowing food must seek medical treatment in time!)

1. Eat less meals in the end

Stomach discomfort during pregnancy can usually be relieved by adjusting diet and eating less meals.You don’t need to eat too much at one time, don’t eat it under excessive hunger.You can try to squeeze papaya or eat papaya meat to reduce stomach pain.

2. Avoid acidic foods

Coffee, strong tea, carbonated beverages, citrus, lemon, tomatoes, chocolate, mint, curry, onion, garlic, etc. can relax the esophagus muscles and strengthen gastric acid.

3. Adjust sleep habits

It is best not to eat 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. When you sleep, you can try to raise your head and legs to prevent stomach acid.

Although the stomach is better only to the maximum extent can they have the spirit to consume the nutrients needed by themselves and fetal treasures.But no matter how uncomfortable, pregnant mothers must not take the medicine by themselves to make themselves feel better. Remember to follow the doctor’s advice!

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