Net red panda breeder was exposed to sleeping powder!Fans are looking for people to find people, and more broke the news to be picked up

On July 15th, a very outrageous melon was exposed. Zhang Yue, a well -known panda breeder, was exposed to sleeping powder. Now the fans are pregnant, but he has "disappeared", which made netizens feel particularly shocked.

It is reported that Zhang Yue is a post -80s breeder in the Chengdu Panda Base. The giant panda Menglan, who everyone likes, has been taken care of by him. In addition, he has also taken care of other giant pandas such as "female star" Huahua.

Because the round appearance is similar to the panda, and he is loved by the pandas, he has been loved by the panda, so he has been loved by many".

However, such an net red panda breeder exposed the news of sleeping powder in private, so everyone would be so surprised.

According to the news of the gossip media, a netizen named "Beauty Meow" said that he was pregnant. The child’s father was a "head hoop milk dad", but the belly grew up day by day, but "hair hoop grandma" was "hidden"She couldn’t help but sigh confused "what to do, let it go naturally." It seemed a bit self -violent.

In order to prove her statement, "Mei Show Meow" also exposed her chat screenshots of "Poor Daddy".

It can be seen from the screenshot that "Mei Show" and "Daddy Daddy" did not know a long time, and it was not until May 19 this year that they met in Macau for the first time.At that time, the "Daddy Dad" had meticulously instructed the "Beautiful Poetry Meow" and told the other party when, how to take a car, and where the two met.

And "Mei Show" expresses her excitement and tension, and she also knows that "hair hoop grandma" is a married and educated identity, and also asked the other party: "Do you really want to know clearly?" In this regard, "The head hoop grandma "clearly said" clear ", and urged the" beautiful poetry meow "to come soon.

Later, after the two met, it seemed to have a relationship.

However, afterwards, the "head hoop grandma" seemed to be ruthless. When the woman repeatedly asked "do you like me", "Boarding Grand Dad" said that it was too short to be liked, but it was not disliked.

From the perspective of "Mei Show", the behavior of "hair hoop grandma" that does not like to have a relationship with herself is to use her heart to deceive her, making her particularly sad.

After the "Meimei Meow" exposed the derailment of "hair hoop grandma", many netizens hurriedly comforted her, but some netizens talked about "Mei Show Meow" and "Knowing Three Three".

In addition, many netizens have revealed that they have heard of the rumors of "hair hoop grandma" love to sleep powder long ago, and this kind of thing more than once, his character is very poor, such as his wife during pregnancy.Fans went to Japan, and when they saw beautiful girls at the base, they added other people’s contact information, turned back to their houses, etc., and even he was impatient to panda outside the camera.

After being caught in the "sleeping powder" storm, the "head hoop grandma" quickly changed the name of the social account and opened a one -click protection, so that everyone could not see the content he had published before.

At present, the truth of the matter has not been confirmed. No matter what, I hope that the "hair hoop grandma" can respond as soon as possible.

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Author: Maoqiuzi

Editor: Cherry

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