Never call "pull", in the face of the "eight do not do" in the face of pregnancy constipation, watch it early and benefit

Don’t think that pregnancy can really enjoy the queen mother -in -law -like noble and comfortable, from pregnancy to constipation, to edema, there is nothing to worry about.When squatting on the toilet, but not stool, the pregnant mothers couldn’t help sighing: can’t pull out!Every time I go to the toilet is like a sentence, I might be miserable!

Some information shows that 90%of pregnant mothers will have constipation during pregnancy. Constipation during pregnancy is the most headache for many pregnant mothers. What should I do if I have constipation during pregnancy?

"There is no large number a week, and constipation has become more and more serious since pregnancy."

"Why didn’t I have constipation in pregnancy?"

"Then what are you doing?"

"No, it’s just casually"

There is nothing trivial during pregnancy, you can’t say casually!Whenever casual, it is not easy.

① hormonal cause

After pregnancy, the increase in increased hormone and growth hormones, the gastrointestinal secretion of pregnant mothers will be reduced, resulting in reduced colon motility, which is one of the common causes of constipation.

② Dietary factors

From the post -pregnancy, the appetite has changed greatly. Some pregnant mothers do not like to eat vegetables. The dietary fiber intake is insufficient. In addition, the daily activity is too small, and the colon will naturally strike.

③ uterine enlarged

With the increase of the gestational week, the increase in the uterine growth of the fetus will cause the diaphragm and abdominal muscles to be limited, which will lead to limited intestinal movement and lack of motivation for defecation.

④ Increased colon moisture absorption

Pregnant mothers have increased secretion of vascular tension and aldehyde solid ketone, causing increasing the absorption of colon moisture, which causes dry stool.

⑤ Taking iron agents

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have iron deficiency anemia. The main side effects of the iron agent is to cause gastrointestinal side effects, and there will be manifestations such as constipation.

⑥ Insufficient activity

Many pregnant mothers are too lazy to move after pregnancy, or fear that exercise will affect fetal development, and decreased activity is the main cause of intestinal peristalsis.

Some pregnant mothers feel that there is no big trouble for constipation, wrong!Mild constipation may cause pregnant mothers to metabolize disorders and endocrine disorders.

If long -term defecation is too hard, hemorrhoids will also be formed, which is why many pregnant mothers have hemorrhoids after pregnancy.

With the increase in fetal and uterus in the third trimester, the rectum will be compressed, making constipation more serious. It may also cause intestinal obstruction, and even cause premature birth and endanger the health of maternal and baby.

It is not difficult to see from the causes of pregnancy during pregnancy. Most of them are caused by physiological and living habits, so pregnant mothers can start from life and improve from life.

① A cup of honey water in the morning

Many women lose weight in the morning of a cup of honey water. For pregnant mothers, drinking a glass of honey in the morning can have a laxative effect.But be careful not to drink too much at a time. If this trick can be given up, there are other methods.

② Banana to eat together

For most pregnant mothers, eating bananas can achieve good results, but the method of eating must be correct.

How to eat correctly: Wash the bananas, steam and steam the skin together, and then eat it together!Someone will definitely question whether the skin can be eaten?Yes (pro -test is valid).Although the skin is not sweet enough, it is not difficult to enter.

If the pregnant mother can’t pass the inner level, the banana peel can be boiled in water. After the banana peel is boiled, it can form serotonin, which can alleviate the wind and fire toothache, oral inflammation, and constipation.

③ Take a walk after meals

Many pregnant mothers want to lie down after eating, do not want to move, and you have a constipation of constipation for a long time?After dinner, especially in the third trimester of walking with the prospective father to take a walk in hand, it is conducive to defecation.

Note: Pregnant mothers cannot do severe exercise. Walking is a small exercise, but pay attention to wearing comfortable shoes to go out to avoid falling.

④ Drink plenty of water

70%of the human body is water, and daily hydration is important for ordinary people, let alone pregnant mothers.Drinking plenty of water in pregnant mothers can promote intestinal peristalsis, apply water to wet the intestine, help discharge stools and prevent constipation.It is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2.0L daily.

⑤ Improve bad eating habits

Some pregnant mothers eat a lot of meals, and finally lead to accumulation and constipation.The most important thing for improving bad eating habits for this kind of pregnant mothers can eat less at a time, keep eating and eat less, and consume more dietary fiber and vegetables.

Recommended foods rich in dietary fiber: Figs, carrots, celery, cucumber, pumpkin, pear, etc.

⑥ Establish good bowel habits

Waking up in the morning and after meals are the strong period of colon activity. It is recommended that pregnant mothers try to squat toilet within 2 hours after meals, focus on attention, and concentrate on defecation.

⑦ Keep your mood comfortable

Pregnant mothers need to relax constipation, maintain a pleasant emotions, and don’t be anxious or depressed.

Some medicalists experimented that when the subjects had negative emotions such as melancholy, disappointment or anger, anxiety, doctors could find their bowel movements with rectal mirror, and the sigmal colonic spasm (contraction) caused feces to stay.

⑧ Application drugs

Generally, medication is not recommended in the early pregnancy. If it is in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, some lactose can be used locally. Lactan generally does not have obvious effects on the fetus. It only absorbs the intestine and will not pass through the placenta barrier.During pregnancy, Chinese medicine supposks and cream containing musk are disabled, and the use of Kaisali with caution has potential risks to increase miscarriage and premature birth.

Of course, how to use the medicine must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Pregnant mothers should not take medicine without authorization, so as not to affect the healthy development of the fetus.

① It is best not to eat these fruits

Fruits such as pineapple, persimmon, longan, orange, etc. are all fruits of warm properties. It is easy to increase constipation after eating. It is best not to eat it if you like it.

② Can’t take the laxative medicine by yourself

Most laxatives can cause uterine contraction, especially not to touch in the third trimester, which may cause abortion or premature birth.In addition, the medicine is three -point poison, and some laxatives will have a certain toxic and side effect, affecting the development of the fetus.

③ Don’t take Chinese medicine casually

Some pregnant mothers believe that the side effects of Chinese medicine are small and side effects, so they take drugs such as rhubarb and Men Run intestine.These are all wrong methods. If you don’t pay attention to, you will cause the consequences of regret. In short, any drug must be used with caution, especially in the early pregnancy and late pregnancy.

④ Do not supplement too much calcium during pregnancy

Excessive calcium supplementation during pregnancy is also one of the main reasons for constipation. The oral absorption rate of calcium tablets is low and will not exceed 60%. Most of the calcium is excreted from the body through feces.The calcium will be combined with oxalic acid and acid in the food to form a substance that cannot be dissolved and harder, resulting in constipation.

Editing: Constipation during pregnancy is related to many reasons. Pregnant mothers can first exclude their own reasons, and then deal with them. Do not invest in medical treatment and take medicines, causing other unnecessary troubles.Finally, I wish you a good "pregnancy".

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