New coronary diarrhea, how to choose the treatment of drugs?

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The number of diarrhea fingers has obviously exceeded the usual habit (> 3 times/day), the feces are thin, the water content increases (> 85%), and the stool can be accompanied by mucus, pus and blood, or unlimited foods [1].

Why do you have diarrhea after infection?

If diarrhea occurs after infection, there are many types of diarrhea.The new coronal virus itself can infect gastrointestinal mucosa, leading to viral enteritis, which causes diarrhea.Intestinal flora disorders and patients’ own basic diseases may cause or increase diarrhea.In addition, gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea may occur after using parts such as clearing lung detoxification particles.

What are the common medicines for treating diarrhea?

Oral replenishment salt: Oral salt salt is a preferred drug for the treatment of acute diarrhea and dehydration recommended by the World Health Organization.This drug is a composite drug (sodium chloride, sodium citate or sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, and water -free glucose) with a variety of drugs mixed together. It is used to treat light moderate dehydration caused by diarrhea.

Mengli Stone San: Meng Shi Lisan is a natural Mengshi Melon Melody Powder, which has a strong adsorption and suppression effect on the virus, germs and its toxins, gas produced in the digestive tract to make it lose the pathogenic effect;The digestive tract mucosa also has strong coverage protection capabilities, repairing and improving the defense function of the attack factors on the attack factors, and has the effect of balanced normal flora and local pain.

At the same time, it is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, and its adsorbed attack factors are excreted from the body as the digestive tract itself.Montestone scatters are confirmed to reduce the symptoms of acute infectious diarrhea, reduce the frequency of diarrhea, and shorten the course of disease and have good safety [1].

Micro -ecological preparations: Some beneficial bacteria can help maintain non -pathogenic flora in the intestine, or help non -pathogenic flora in the intestine; these probiotics can also be used as alternative treatment methods.Probiotics may shorten the course of diarrhea and hospitalization time, and you can choose [2-3] as appropriate.

Norfloxacin: Norfloxacin is a fluorobinone antibacterial drug with a broad -spectrum antibacterial effect. By inhibiting the synthesis and replication of bacterial DNA, bacterial death is caused.effect.Norfloxacin’s adaptation is an intestinal infection caused by sensitive bacteria, which is invalid for diarrhea caused by viruses (such as neo -crown virus) [4].

What should I pay attention to in combination?

The combination of antibacterial drug norfloxacin and live bacteria preparations can weaken its efficacy and should be used separately. It is best to interval for more than 2-3 hours.

Montestone scattered can inhibit and adsorb live bacteria, and should not be used with live bacterial preparations.It is recommended to use Meng Shi San, and then use a live bacterial agent. The two medicines are 1-2 hours.

In the treatment of bacterial diarrhea, it is often used with antibacterial drugs (such as norfloxacin).If the mashed stone scattered and antibacterial drugs are taken with the same, the monsters scattered in the stomach have a strong adsorption effect, affecting its absorption and utilization, and the antibacterial activity of antibacterial drugs is reduced.It is generally recommended to take antibacterial drugs first, at least 1-2 hours, and then take Meng Shi San [1].

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