Nine months of pregnancy Pregnant women were beaten by her husband because of her mother -in -law’s words, and she was beaten by her husband#Pregnant

Xiaoli, a pregnant woman who was nine months pregnant, was beaten by her husband for her mother -in -law’s words.

Xiaoli was about to produce. She went to the hospital for examination today. The doctor told her that she could go through the hospitalization procedures.After returning home, she told her mother -in -law to clean up and go to the hospital.Unexpectedly, my mother -in -law said, "Why are you so arrogant?" "Isn’t your belly responding? Isn’t it a waste of money to go to hospital?" When I heard my mother -in -law said, Xiaoli felt very aggrieved and said a few words casually.Unexpectedly, the husband returned from get off work at this time, and just heard the quarrel at the door.Her husband walked in front of Xiaoli angrily and said, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" The mother -in -law saw that her son was angry and thought that someone could help her support her.She began to pretend to be pitiful, sitting on the ground, and began to cry: "You are not at home, your daughter -in -law often beats me and scold me." Fortunately, her husband came back early, otherwise he would fight again today.I’m really wronged."She was holding a big belly, I dare not squeak. Xiaoli tried to explain to her husband, but it was useless no matter how he explained it. Xiaoli should control her emotions as much as possible.Leaving, very angry and starting to cry: "Oh, my God, people are so annoying when people are old."You can’t say something wrong in a word, otherwise you will be beaten.

When the husband heard her mother, she thought she was wronged and shouted to Xiaoli: "Xiaoli, you stand up, you try again." "You try it," said, he pushed Xiaoli downland.Seeing that Xiaoli was pushed down, her mother -in -law was very happy.Xiaoli fell to the ground, and the amniotic fluid broke.At this time, her husband not only did not help her, but also pointed at her and yelled: "If you quarrel with my mother, I will clean up you." Then, he helped his mother and turned into the house.

Xiaoli was full of tears, watching the back of her husband and mother -in -law desperately, forcing her pain, and taking a taxi to the hospital.Fortunately, it is timely to go to the hospital in time, and Xiao Li and the child are not in trouble.

After staying in the hospital for 5 days, neither her husband and mother -in -law came to see her and the children, or even called.Xiaoli was completely disappointed. She decided to go back to her mother’s confinement and divorce when she confinement.The family supported Xiaoli, hoping that she would leave the unwise husband as soon as possible.

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