No reaction to pregnancy?How to judge that I am pregnant?

Is a woman who can’t notice it after pregnancy?The answer is: yes!Some people may think that it is unimaginable, but there are cases of this: The Minnesota Marathon runner Stan suddenly felt the pain on the back of the doctor a Sunday, and was checked by a doctor the next day.Some people will question: How can I not know so long for pregnancy?

I was noticed, but I didn’t realize this problem.A high school girl, the weight gain is that the belly is fat; the irregular vaginal bleeding caused by the aura abortions can be used as a menstrual period;

In fact, if you encounter irregular vaginal bleeding, even if you have undergone ligation surgery, you still have to test your urination or even blood test to eliminate pregnancy.Therefore, pay attention to small changes in the body!Understanding the following points will help you better know if you are pregnant.

Can you not be aware of your pregnancy?

1. Is it pregnant without menstruation?

In fact, menopause is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy and an important symptom.The longer the menstrual delay time, the greater the possibility of pregnancy.But this is not 100 % accurate. After all, menopause is not a unique symptom of pregnancy.

2. How to detect unexpected pregnancy?

With the development of society and the opening of thoughts, the people who accidentally pregnant are characterized by aging.Many unmarried women, even some students seemed to be very blank about whether they were pregnant after sexual behavior, often found this unexpected life when the pregnancy characteristics were obvious. This is because women do not understand the knowledge of pregnancy.Cause.So, how do women find that they are pregnant?

The first symptoms of pregnancy I noticed

1. Do you feel nauseous?

You might feel like you want to vomit or nausea. Although you are also called ‘morning vomiting’, you may feel nauseous all day long.Your sense of smell will become sensitive, and the taste you like before may cause vomiting.

2. Is breast pain?

If your breasts are tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant.After your body adapts to a large number of hormones, this pain will fade, and your breasts will not feel uncomfortable.

3. Do you feel sleepy?

You who were originally energetic suddenly felt sleepy and fatigue, and a large amount of luteal secretion would make you feel exhausted.You can observe other symptoms to determine your judgment.

4. Want to go to the toilet again?

After the early pregnancy, the symptoms of increasing urination due to increasing uterine compression of the bladder often appear to the toilet frequently.Don’t worry, as the uterus gradually increases beyond the pelvic cavity, frequent urination will disappear naturally until the third trimester will appear again.

5. Suddenly want to eat strange things?

Suddenly I like sour food or other foods that I don’t like, hate greasy, which may also be pregnant.

6. Body temperature rises?

Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature of childcare women is a typical double -phase body temperature with a lower body temperature from menstruation to the next two weeks before menstruation, and then the body temperature is about 0.4 ° C.If the body temperature is always at a relatively high temperature in a short time, and the menstruation is more than 21 days and it is still the future, it belongs to early pregnancy.This is an important symbol to measure pregnancy.

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