Nonsense: Mango can stop bleeding, can you not eat menstruation?You may be taboo

Mango is one of the tropical fruits. Because of its delicate and fragrant flesh, unique flavor, it is loved by people. It is known as the "tropical king".Mango contains a variety of nutrients, which can reduce cholesterol. Frequent mango is conducive to preventing cardiovascular diseases, vision, and moisturizing the skin. It is the beauty of ladies.

However, in the rumors, mango cannot be eaten during menstruation. The reason is that mango has hemostatic effect, which will cause amenorrhea and increase the risk of uterine fibroids.In fact, there is no basis for this.

Mango and aunt do not conflict, as long as you want to eat, you can eat it.

Studies have found that mangoside acts on platelet specific protein and has a suppression effect on the agglomeration of platelets. This is exactly the opposite of the so -called "menstrual hemostasis".The mango is rich in substances such as fiber, potassium, calcium, and vitamins that can resist cancer, and it has certain benefits to the cleaning of the kidneys and blood.

And in the current research, no matter from the perspective of Western medicine or the traditional medicine of the motherland, there is currently no sufficient evidence that mango will affect the incidence of women’s normal menstruation and uterine fibroids.

Therefore, the two claims that "mango contains the effect of hemostatic and affects the incidence of female uterine fibroids" is wrong.

Taboo for eating mango

Although mango’s nutritional value is high, it is not advisable to eat too much.

The mango contains more irritating substances. When eating mango, it is easy to dip the mango juice to the mouth, cheeks and other parts, stimulating the skin of the face, causing face redness and inflammation. In severe cases, the eye redness and pain will occur.

Therefore, after eating, wash away the mango juice that remains on the skin around the lips to avoid allergic reactions.

In addition, because mango contains special substances, people who are not suitable for mango should still be better.

1. Do not eat mango after dinner.Mango cannot be eaten with spicy substances such as garlic, otherwise it may cause yellowing.

2. Due to the high sugar content of mango, diabetic patients should avoid eating.Mango with wet poison, people with skin diseases or tumors should avoid eating.

3. Those who have cold cough (itchy throat) should avoid eating, so as not to make the throat itch.And asthma patients should also eat in accordance with the doctor’s order.

4. Mango leaves and mango juice can cause dermatitis of allergies, so people with allergies should pay attention.

5. When the mango is not cooked, there will be white juice exudation at the fruit terminus. It is estimated that this may be the cause of sensitivity.Eating more mangoes can cause allergies, and severe may damage the kidneys.

Finally, this article aims to break the rumors, unveil the truth of the rumors from a scientific perspective, so that everyone can eat mango with peace of mind, and cannot do everything for individual differences.I hope everyone will look at the popular science and eat fruit happily ~

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