Notice!After menstruation, menstruation should be alert to these two situations

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Under normal circumstances, menstruation will not come during pregnancy. If menstruation comes, it means that there is no pregnancy.But there are also many mothers who said that they had come to the holiday during pregnancy. What is going on?

After pregnancy, I will not come to menstruation again, but there are a few mothers who will have vaginal bleeding after pregnancy. This is often mistaken for menstruation, so that I do not know that I am pregnant.This situation during pregnancy is known as "pregnancy menstruation" in medicine. The main feature is small, light color, short time, and this is not a real menstruation. This phenomenon is mainly within 3 months of pregnancy.It usually appears, but there are also individual pregnant mothers 2 to 3 times.

When this situation is encountered, pregnant mothers are usually worried that they do not know if they will have a miscarriage or whether the fetus can develop normally.Vaginal hemorrhage occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. About half of pregnant mothers can continue to pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies. The other pregnant mothers may not be able to get pregnant normally because of the following two situations.

1. Breakal abortion

If vaginal hemorrhage and abdominal pain occur early in the early pregnancy, you must first consider whether a threatened abortion. It is characterized by less bleeding and mild abdominal pain.After examination, if the embryo is not abnormal, then the bleeding will stop after the treatment of tire protection, and can continue pregnancy.

2. Extra pregnancy

Generally, vaginal bleeding occurs around 40 days of menopause, and it is accompanied by hidden pain, pain, and pain in the lower abdomen.The urine pregnancy test is positive, and the gestational embryo sac is not seen in the uterine cavity, but abnormal mass is found in the fallopian tube. At this time, the termination of pregnancy must be considered.

If menstruation after pregnancy, in addition to normal physiological reactions, it may be a dangerous signal.Therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that after she is pregnant, she has menstruation again, and she should go to the hospital for examination immediately to find out the cause of bleeding in order to treat them in time.


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