Novel: For 30 years, her mother’s fetus is 30 years old and dreams of bleeding on the surgery platform on her pregnancy.

The departure of the small meat ball made the ward only suddenly and Feng Yanye two people in the ward, and they were opposite each other.

The second one second before Jian, she smiled at Yingying’s face and pulled it down all of a sudden. She stared at Feng Yanye with her face and said, "What do you want to do? Is it the best to put me in prison?","

"You can go out anytime, anywhere. Why do you say I shut was closed?"get in a word.

"Do you want to close me for a long time, so that I will pay me a lot of medical expenses?" Jian Chu looked at Feng Yanye’s face with a smile, and felt more and more wrong.

But Jian Chu thought that Feng Yanye was so rich at all.

Feng Yanye couldn’t help laughing, "What do you think, you already owe me a lot of money anyway." After speaking, I left the ward and left the ward with a step.

Jian Chu scolded her back fiercely, and of course she didn’t dare to make a sound.She was lying on the white bed alone, watching the ceiling covered with patterns, and her ears seemed to have a ticking sound of heart rate. She smelled the smell of disinfection of the sterilization, and unknowingly fell asleep.

The stomach is so painful … Jian Chu felt a pain in the lower body, as if it was torn, and she lowered her head and was found to be a curtain under her dazzling surgery.Blood.

"Ah! What are you doing? Don’t want to take away what I am on me!" Jian Chu was scared and shocked, and she thought these people were selling officials in the meal.

"Pregnant women wake up, hurry up anesthesia and increase a little dose!"

The nurse wearing a mask took a shot into her arm. Jian Chu felt that her body suddenly became heavy. She had no strength to shout, but she hadn’t fainted yet.She heard the doctor shouting, "Big bleeding pregnant women bleeding! Hurry up …"

As long as she bowed her head, she could see her lower body full of blood. She didn’t know what she was doing. She could only see that the doctors kept giving her bleeding, and her head was drowsy and felt pain …

Looking up at the ceiling weakly, the white ceiling, it seemed even more brighter under the light of the operating light, making her unable to open her eyes.

"Wow!" A sudden loud baby cried all over the sky.

Through the gap, Jian Chu saw a baby with blood stains wrapped in a towel.

"Look at it, this is your child! It’s a boy, the eyes are so big!" The doctor held the child to Jian Chu.

Jian Chu wanted to say that she had never had a child, but she couldn’t make a sound when she opened her mouth.She saw a little blurred face of her child, but only felt a little coincide with a face in her memory.

At the same time, the blood flowing constantly, I really want to run the water, almost dyed the sheets.She felt that her head was stunned, and her body seemed to not be herself. Then, she became a halo in front of her eyes, and then she had no consciousness …

"Not good, the mother is faint … hurry! Hurry …" The doctors’ rushing sounds, the heart rate instrument ticking the voice, the child’s crying sound was densely stunned.

At this time, the last sentence she heard before.

"Ah-" Jian Chu screamed suddenly from the bed, quietly in the ward. She quickly looked down at her lower body and had nothing to clean.

It turned out to be a dream …

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