Novel: I am pregnant

After more than 20 years of marriage, she has not given birth to a while and a half daughter. Woman Zhang Guihua has always felt ashamed of the ancestor of the men’s family.In the countryside 45 years ago, it is an extremely unpleasant thing for a woman (although sometimes responsibility is not necessarily in a woman). It seems that in front of people seems to be half short, and they are a little short.In order to alleviate the loneliness and loneliness of the sons under the knee, the boy from the girl far away in Luoyang took it back for a while.The girl teaches in the "Luo Dan" children elementary school, salary Weibo, and at the same time, it seems that the two sons are a bit stretched and willing to do so, but say that, once the economic conditions improve, they will pick up their sons.The fat boy was called Zhang Gaofeng. His arrival suddenly attracted the children of the same age in the village.He knows many fresh things we don’t know, and he will do a lot of strange things that we don’t even dare to think about.For example, he will draw a pencil with a pencil, drawing dogs and painting pigs with a few strokes can outline the image of the lifelike animals.Even the simplest man "one" can’t write well.He has superb skills to sing, not to mention where to fight, it can also be said to be hundreds of times.In the midsummer of Chi Ri Yan, we followed him in the village around, and we could hit the half -barrel from the tall tree to "know", and then put the "know" head.Soak in the salt water for a while, and then remove it and throw it into the big iron pot. 咦 —, although the fragrance has passed for so many years, it is still difficult to forget.It can be said without exaggeration, his every move, and words and deeds all turned us.He willingly followed him to run around with his farts all day. It is a great honor to listen to his instructions. The scolding of adults cannot stop his temptation for us.

This is a year of the year. Zhang Guihua’s belly suddenly moved, and the day gradually became bigger, and the waistboard was a bit hard.People in the village said that she was pregnant, and how could this make people think of it. It hasn’t happened for more than 20 years. It was unknown and suddenly came. God seemed to have intentionally teased a person.When inserting willow, the willow tree is shaded.A happy event from the sky, big happy events, made Zhang Guihua and her man happy for three days and three nights.There are never so many words. They can’t say endless nights all night. They lie on the bed and lie in the dark night. The soft words are like a naughty child jumping over from the two of them.Then directly into the heart from their ears and eyes, it seemed that a warm current softened them, which was a feeling of happiness.The man who has always been lazy changed to one person, and diligently put all the lives in the family. Zhang Guihua even added a scoop of water to the pot, and was blamed by the man.Everyone, do n’t you do anything, do n’t you do anything, do n’t you have a long memory? "The man captured the water scoop in her hand and threw it in the water tank, saying," You are honest and stable.There is a motionless! "Zhang Guihua, who had never had a little dignity in front of his man, was now holding him in his palm and was afraid of touching it in his mouth.I feel very uncomfortable and uncomfortable.She said, "You are used to me like this, don’t be afraid to break me!" The hotness of summer made those tireless "knowing" noisy noise.Zhang Guihua was sitting in a shade under a big tree in the courtyard, shaking a fan, and learning to touch the more round belly of self -study, and experienced the process of breeding life that had never been born.

At this moment, Zhang Gaofeng is directing our group of eight or nine -year -old children to perform a certain fragment in a movie "The South China War" that I just saw in the brigade yesterday.The Kuomintang army who plays the PLA general who is the PLA, and the PLA will be the same as that of him, and then he directs who does and who do it. It seems to be a big name director.We also behaved very seriously. Play, everyone listened to his command, and followed him with joy.Such an interesting gameplay can only be available in his arrival. Most of us used to be Hu Lai and did a lot of stupid things and wrong things.We scratched on the small sapling just planted, unveiled the bark as a belt, so that the forest guards were so angry that we chased us and scolded our eight -generation ancestors (in fact, one of us in the village is an old ancestor)EssenceIf you have a happy childhood in the poverty -stricken age of the material, it is what he brings to us.Summer is unaware of the people in the countryside, just passed in the noise of our children.Autumn has come.Zhang Guihua’s belly swelled Peng Peng, and the belly seemed to be a bit translucent. It can be said without exaggeration that she can see the peristalsis of the stomach! Although she feels uncomfortable, sometimes it hurts from time to time, but she still immersed happiness in happiness.And patiently hoped to wait.

When the big willow tree at the village entrance became a girl with a golden hair, they drove in a liberated card from there. This was still rare at the time. No one of the ordinary people in the village saw this military green mass, evenWhen he smelled the smell of gasoline in the air, he would be excited.Many people run around with the rice bowl around it. They use their limited poverty imagination to make the head -ontology. Most of them are stupid and ridiculous.When you get up, you will laugh.It was Zhang Guihua’s sister to pick up her child Zhang Gaofeng.Zhang Gaofeng heard that the shoes were too late to wear, and the feet were desperately running away from the village. Zhang Guihua’s man immediately commanded the two young and powerful guys in the village to chase him, and then tied him up with a hemp rope.Tied up and throw it into the car.Zhang Gaofeng shouted, "I don’t go back, I don’t want to go back!" His mother said, "If you don’t go back, you will really waste it! Let me call me again, see if I don’t tear your mouth!"Lying in the car obediently, it was very pitiful to be slaughtered.Then, I told my sister again, "You also go to Luoyang with me and find a hospital for examination. You said you are pregnant, I think it’s a bit hanging." Zhang Guihua was hesitant and waited for the man to speak.My sister turned back to her brother -in -law and said, "It seems that my sister is afraid of you! I dare not claim about everything!" The brother -in -law laughed just, I don’t know if it was embarrassing or shy, but said, "You let your sister say, she knows the most in her heart. I can’t help her for her! "The sister said," I also think for you, it’s really better to get pregnant.Worried that it won’t be a few days later, I will send her back to you. "Then, give the driver a wink, and get on the car away.In order to prevent her sister from being bumpy, her sister asked her sister to sit in the driver’s building, and she accompanied her son to sit in the car.When the liberated card was out of the village entrance and on a Tu Guan Road, a group of children chased tightly, and soon the truck disappeared into a rolling yellow dust.Our groups looked at that direction desperately and didn’t want to return to the village for a long time.

After waiting for a long time, Zhang Guihua did not return.She couldn’t come back.She was not pregnant, but was full of tumors in the uterus, all of which were as big as eggs, with a dozen.The doctor said, "The big world of the tumor is rare, and the many people of the tumor are rare!" The girl cried into a tear, murmured just one sentence, "If you check it early, this will not be there."

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