Novel: Maybe it’s pregnant

I was rejected straight by me, and the general face was obviously not good -looking. He stared at me: "Miss Xia, our company happens to have a cooperation project with your company. Today you offend me so much.Is it a way to tell you? "

I was stunned, but I didn’t expect that this surname Zhang was so shameless and threatened me with this trick.I didn’t speak, he thought I was scared, and said proudly: "Now the little girl like you in his early twenties has not seen the world and doesn’t know how to be smooth. Don’t say so much when you speak in the future.Men eat this set. "

I suddenly wanted to laugh, but I just wanted to go out to dissipate my heart and give myself a good mentality. I didn’t expect to meet strange.

"Mr. Zhang, I want to tell me with Han Yichen. I don’t need to be so troublesome.Liu Hai, a smile of unknown smiles.

President Zhang listened to me, stunned, his face was unbelievable, but he couldn’t see the clue of lying from my face.

"Miss Xia, I wonder what the relationship between you and Han?" He smiled embarrassingly. The salty pig hand that originally wanted to put on my shoulder also shrank back in a timely manner.

"What do you say? Will Zhang such a savvy person can’t even guess this?" I smiled and lowered my head and continued to play with my mobile phone. As for the man who was scared by me, I looked at him moreThey were stained with their eyes.

After arriving at the golf course, I walked under the umbrella in the rest area alone, drinking tea, watching a group of middle -aged men in the distance, waving a pole …

After the man of Zhang was stabbed by my head, I didn’t dare to hit my gun’s mouth anymore.

Probably I drank too much tea. After a while, I wanted to go to the toilet. I asked where the bathrooms in the court were in the bathroom, and I walked straight towards the building.

After the interior, I made up the makeup according to the mirror.

When I walked out of the bathroom, I walked towards the stairs. When I went downstairs, a woman suddenly passed by with me!

The woman was very fashionable, with black hair to her waist, her skin was white, and her body exudes mature femininity.Her figure is very good, her body is beautiful, and her only beauty is that her right leg has such a small bump.

I glanced at her at will. When I regret it, I finally saw her appearance when she raised her head …

Suddenly, I would like a lightning strike!

Her appearance is similar to me seven or eight points. No, maybe she should say that her looks are very similar to my sister!

When I was stunned, the woman had already stepped downstairs. When I rushed downstairs, she had upstairs and stopped to pick up her car.

I’m crazy, and I can’t even care about a child in my stomach, chasing the Mercedes.

Soon, the car turned around and drove on the road quickly.

"This is impossible, this is impossible!" I was frightened, talking to myself as I walked.

But think of that woman’s similar appearance, think of her bumpy right leg, and the expression of her eyebrows similar to her sister.

I shaken again …

After returning to the golf course, I asked the woman everywhere to the staff in the stadium. Unfortunately, the staff told me that I didn’t know her, maybe just passing by and entering the toilet.

This incident made me uneasy for two days. In these two days, I delayed a lot of things, and even went to the hospital to check the little ancestors in my stomach.

After seeing the supervisors of the golf course for a long time, they agreed to transfer the monitoring that day.Screenshots about all the pictures of that woman, I took it home and put it on the computer for two days, and my heart became more and more panicked.

Too similar …

After two days of panic, I restored my calm again.

If that woman is really my sister, then she is a good life now. She is very rich in a rich wife, and even has a luxury car pick -up.

Whether she can find her, now she is doing well, at least I have a lot of peace of mind!

After collecting the precious video screen into the super disk, and after a backup, I turned off the computer and planned to take the time to go to the hospital to check the little ancestors in my stomach.

I found a maternal and child health hospital and hung up the number. I waited at least one hour before it was my turn.

Gynecological female doctors seemed to have been diagnosed with many patients.

I was stared at by her, a little embarrassed, and after putting the medical records down, I spoke: "That … I did not come this time this time, and may be pregnant."

She picked up the clinic card: "Have you tested it with a test strip?"

"Well, two bars, one color is very shallow, it may be that early pregnancy is not clear."

The female doctor opened the list and asked me to check the blood and check it.

Half an hour later, I took the blood test list and returned to the previous doctor’s clinic. After handing the list to the female doctor, I quietly waited for her to speak.

"Well, about three weeks of pregnancy, I can’t see the pregnancy sac at this time. After two weeks, I will do a B -ultrasound." After the female doctor said this, he asked, "This child, just two if you want to stay.Check it after Zhou, and then build a file. If you don’t want it, do the flow of people early. "

When I walked out of the gynecological building, I touched my stomach, my thoughts in my heart, and my belly really had a baby in my stomach.Until now, I am really sure that I still have a sense of unreal!

"Baby, the day after tomorrow, let’s let my dad make a choice, choose two of our mother, or give up you for cold -blooded, and choose other women." Wrap the clothes strictly, I have to protect myself at all times now, so I can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help myself, can’t we can’t help ourselves.I get sick, for the children in my stomach, I have to be careful.

Just when I turned around and wanted to go back, I met Li Muqiu, who was also going to the gynecological building.

She was obviously a little shocked to see me. After looking up and down, I walked towards me.

"Xia Nian, happened to be, I want to talk to you in the past two days, how about going to the cafe for a drink?" She looked at me with a smile.

I wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, Li Muqiu was looking for me. She was going to marry Han Yichen, but I couldn’t fight her with her for a long time.

Looking at her villain, I would like to take off her beauty.

"What to talk about, just say here, I am afraid that I will have a bad appetite with you when you drink coffee." I looked at her with a smile.

"Xia Nian, there are too many things to talk about. For example, how did I find someone to kidnap you at that time, such as the scapegoat of you lamb from you. For example, would I start againYou, I can also find two men in the same way, and serve your friend Yu Qian! "

Li Muqiu was so straightforward with me that it was her that the design framed me at the beginning, and even arrogantly threatened me.I looked at her insidious appearance and couldn’t wait to rush up to tear her face.

However, thinking of the little ancestor in my stomach, I still resisted the impulse.

Keep a peaceful mood and speak: "Li Muqiu, what do you want?"

She seemed to be afraid of her, and she became more and more proud: "Xia Nian, you can’t fight me, don’t think that he can be arrogant to my head after sleeping several times.It’s a veritable Mrs. Han, and you are nothing. "

I don’t want to continue entanglement with her, I bypass her, walking and saying, "Li Muqiu, congratulations, the dream is true. If I am you, then burn incense and worship the Buddha now, and pray for this false dream dream.Don’t wake up forever! "


I was lying on the bed and called Han Yichen, and I was still not in the service area.

I have n’t contacted him for more than a week. I do n’t understand that the marriage about his domestic marriage is already full of storms. He is abroad. Did n’t he hear at all?

Or did he know that it was just default?

Xu just felt my irritable mood, and the baby in my stomach also made trouble, and the nauseous nausea was followed by a while.The face that spit on the face was pale, so I helped the wall and walked back to the bed.

In this way, two days have passed.

The weekend is the annual meeting of Yichen Enterprise’s eighth anniversary.

I asked the company Xiao Zhou to return to the country when Han Yichen returned to China. I learned that his ticket was already six o’clock in the afternoon, and then he went directly to the venue last year.

On this day, I spent a lot of expenses. In the shape of the modeling store I had taken by Li Jinchen, I dressed myself from head to toe.

When Li Jinchen drove to me, it happened to be more than six o’clock.

I watched him wearing a formal, holding a suit, exuding the style of business people all over and down.

"Xia Nian, you are so beautiful today." He looked at me up and down, full of admiration for me.

I smiled, and I stunned my hair: "What about the protagonist Li Muqiu tonight? Is it better to give up?"

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