Novel: She didn’t guess, her girlfriend was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, and there were more terrible things behind

Su Yufan’s words had just fallen, and only when he heard a slap, An Keqing did not hesitate, raising his hand and slamming his face on his face.

"Do you dare to do it to me?"

"Su Yufan, you really make me feel disgusting." An Keqing’s eyes were cold and pushed him aside.Su Yufan was unwilling to be beaten, and wanted to catch up, turned around, and saw Ke Yunzhen who had just came out of the office.

He was embarrassed for a while, and he didn’t know what he should say, so he unhappyly raised his clothes.

"Yu Fan, you are here!" Su Yufan smiled and saw Ke Yunzhen walking to his side, and he consciously sideways, but the red marks were still seen by Ke Yunzhen.

"Your face, what’s wrong?"

"It’s okay, I suddenly remembered that there was something, I’m going to be busy first. You are obedient, I’ll pick you up again after get off work."

Su Yufan seemed to fled a bit, An Keqing sneered.It was he who hesitated himself, no wonder her.

I didn’t want to stay more, An Keqing planned to go back to the office to start working, but was stopped by Ke Yunzhen.

"Ke Qing, let’s talk about it!"

An Keqing pulled his lip corner: "Why, just leave one, what do you want to say to me."

Four eyes, the same cold eyes, they used to be the best sisters, but now they meet their enemies. An Keqing will not forget the disgusting look on the deck that day.

She pushed herself down, she wanted to die.

She thought, she couldn’t help but clenched her fist.She wouldn’t just forget this.

"Ke Qing, I, you, and Siru, we are the one who knows each other the most. I know you very much, so I want to advise you not to remember what you don’t belong to yourself, otherwise, don’t blame me regardless of the old love."

In this case, An Keqing couldn’t help laughing.

People who shameless are every year, but this year seems to be particularly many. The most shameless thing is her Ke Yunzhen.

"You said that wrong, is there old love between us? You’re" take care of me ", I remember in my heart, I will not forget in my life. Seeing that I am still alive, you are very very good, you are very very goodDisappointed? "

Ke Yunzhen frowned, and quickly calmed down again.

"I do not know what you’re talking about."

"There is no one else here, why do you pretend so hard. At that time, the sea was very dark, but at the entire wine party, only the red dresses you wore alone, and the perfume you favorite, could not admit your mistakes."

Ke Yunzhen snorted: "What do you know, you have no evidence at all. The people of the Su family will not believe you, not to mention, I now have Yufan children, you can’t play me. Smart, far away from Yufan far away from Yufan far away from YufanYes, I can not find you trouble. "

An Keqing smiled indifferently. Why did he make such a white lotus as a friend at the beginning and pushed his heart.

At that time, when Siru asked her to be careful of Ke Yunzhen, she disagreed, and felt that she was suspicious.

Now I really verify that sentence: fire prevention, anti -theft and anti -girlfriends, especially this appearance seems harmless, and be careful.

Ke Yunzhen has a good acting skills, just blame her to know people unknown, and she reads her wrong.

"You don’t find my troubles, but I didn’t say that I didn’t find your trouble. I did nothing, are you scared? How about your confidence? Since it belongs to you, how can I snatch it?You know, that should not belong to you. "

"You are less nonsense here! I just warn you, whether it is me or Yu Fan, will not let you marry his uncle. You want to humiliate me, dream!"

"Su Shi’s marriage is not what you can do. You should not, with Su Yufan’s child, and want to marry Su Yan to stop me from getting married?"

"You … what are you talking about. How could I marry Su Yan? It is said that Su Yan is a wild species outside, and it is not the biological son of the old man.Proud. "

"Ke Yunzhen, I warn you, put your mouth clean!"

An Keqing did not notice herself. Ke Yunzhen said that she could not be angry, but when Ke Yunzhen was slandering Su Yan just now, she was angry.

Ke Yunzhen was shocked by An Keqing suddenly holding his wrist.

But soon she laughed again: "It’s not an illegitimate child. Why was it sent abroad and until now, it was not arranged. It was not an illegitimate child. Why did the Su Group not have a little bit of his position? He couldn’t see it at all."

Ke Yunzhen said proudly, An Keqing suddenly increased the strength in his hand. Ke Yunzhen ate the pain and called: "An Keqing, do you let go, did you let go?"

"Su Yan, not a person like you can vilify it casually, you better remember it for me."

"An Keqing, you let me go, I am a pregnant person. The child in my stomach is Yu Fan. If I have any loss, Su family, Yu Fan will not let you go."

She is not afraid of any Su family, but she is too lazy to entangle with this woman.

An Keqing loosened, glanced at her, and then turned back to the office.

When she calmed down, she realized that she seemed a little excited just now. Ke Yunzhen said that Su Yan was excited.

I don’t know why, I don’t like to hear others vilifying him, especially from Ke Yunzhen’s mouth.

She shook her head and didn’t let herself think about it.

He saved his life, in the Su family, and helped himself to speak, and to maintain him once.

An Keqing’s attitude is determined, and Ke Yunzhen is helpless.

The wrist was scratched by her wrist just now, and when she returned to her position, I saw it, and it was red.

She regretted that she had conflicts with her. How did she forget that Anke Qingxin was strong. She would have a few times of defense skills. She was more powerful than herself. She was pinched by her, and her wrist was still a bit painful.

However, this matter must be resolved.

Just now she maintained Su Shi so much, did they have been secretly in the past?

At the beginning, she also suspected that when she talked about letting An Keqing marry Su Yan yesterday, it was casually said that Mr. Su would not be serious.

But now it seems that the relationship between them is not so simple.

Although Su Yan was a bit unpretentious in the Su family, he was still Su Yufan’s uncle.

If An Keqing and Su Yan are really together, they will marry Yu Fan by themselves.At that time, when you are before, he will respect An Keqing.

How can this be?

How can she be so noble, how can she call An Keqing?She had to think of a way to stop it all, but almost no one could stop the things that An Keqing identified.

Ke Yunzhen thought carefully and suddenly thought of a person.

There is only one person who can change An Keqing’s decision, that is her mother.

Ke Yunzhen crossed a cold smile on his face, and got up towards the director’s office.When he came out, he leaned away from the company. On the first day of work, he was so arrogant to ask for leave. Everyone dare not say.

An Keqing glanced at it without doubt too much.It was just that she didn’t expect that more terrible things would happen later.

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