Novel: The child of the ex -girlfriend is pregnant with others.

"Okay, it’s just fixed, right, you are okay, right? Also, there will be newcomers to worship the teacher tonight. At eight o’clock, you have to come to participate." She looked at me with that unwilling lookIn an instant, I don’t think it is a taste.

"No problem, I have been driving for three years." Three years old, I drove my electric shuttle in this city, and it is no wonder that Chen Xue did not trust my technology.

When I walked out of Chen Xue’s office, I was a bit lost. If I had a house and a car now, Xia Xue would not leave me.

Nanfeng waited anxiously at the door and saw me out.

"How about talking?"

"It’s okay, she said that I asked me to help her drive off from get off work. Also, she would come here tonight."

Beautiful women dress two lines, the same costumes and smiles.

The moment I stepped on the red carpet, I thought it was my cave house tonight!

The loud welcome and applause continued, and I was invited to the welcome meeting.

My master is Nanfeng, of course, my mother -in -law is Chen Xue.

Nanfeng and I were waiting for Chen Xue’s arrival in the training room. All this seemed to be dreaming. With such a feast, I look forward to the arrival of my teacher. It is said that the teacher will give her a red envelope for her apprentices!

We stared at the door, so nervous and expectations.

When Xia Xue came in with Manager Wen’s arm, I was staring at the door.

"艹 Nima …" The new apprentice of manager Wen was Xia Xue, which was another surprise that was unexpected.

Nanfeng saw me standing up, busy holding my arm: Jiang Feng, "Don’t be impulsive …"

Xia Xue was also surprised to see me, but she deliberately didn’t go over, she pretended not to know me.

It turned out that the man she said was actually the so -called Director Wen, not the director!fraud!

I was so scolded in my heart.

Chen Xue followed them and greeted Manager Wen with a smile.

"Director Wen, congratulations on your gains of little beauties, add icing on the cake!"

Manager Wen is not a fuel -saving lamp: "Director Chen is not yet a handsome guy, we are flattened."

This is the increasing staff harvested by Manager Wen. It is actually Xia Xue. I have tried to remember the woman in my mind in the past few days.

I force the anger to control myself not to hit the manager Wen in such a scene. It is his girlfriend who has been on me for three years. Now she is with his child. He laughs at the spring breeze, and my heart is for XiaSnow regrets, sorrow for yourself.

When Nanfeng looked at Chen Xue, he shouted like seeing the savior, "Master, we are here …"

Nanfeng was afraid that I would smash the field and hurriedly shouted the master.

Chen Xue and my ex -girlfriend seemed to be polite. It was nothing more than a woman’s praise. Xia Xue’s fool smiled happily.

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