Novel: The president wants to marry Cinderella. Both of them are opposed. He announced in public that she is pregnant in public

"This alley is really special. Why didn’t I find it before?" She said to her behind the tall back.

The straight figure in front did not turn back, and then a low voice was clearly passed into her ear. "This is not surprising. Many people shuttle in this city every day for various reasons and purposes.Except for the traffic lights when driving on the road for a moment, the sight focuses on the exchanges of the car ahead. How many people really notice these corners hidden in the cities of the times? "

After hearing the words, Gu Qingyan couldn’t help but stop, and his eyes seemed to be automatically focusing on the back of the back. At this moment, few pedestrians in the alley became more blurred. In her sight, there was only the straight back in front of her sight.The back that suddenly made her a little surprised …

His back looks so wise and emotional …

"What’s wrong?" Realizing her pause, Lu Yisheng turned around.

"Oh, nothing." She squeezed out with a smile and tried to cover up her surprise, "It’s just curious about how can you find such a unique place?"

"Have you heard a word, isn’t the wine fragrance afraid of the alley?"

A good word is not afraid of the alleys, she likes it!

Lu Yisheng led her left and right, turned right, and then turned around, and finally stopped in front of a Korean -style sliding door full of flavors.

The threshold is not very high. When he is tall, he must bend down and go in with his head down. Gu Qingyan follows him into this iron plate burning shop. There are quite a lot of guests.The tie’s office workers occupy most of them, but they did not see the rigidity when they were at work. They replaced them with their arms, just like the loose tie on their neck, there was a short liberation …

Eat over there, fry while drunk, drinking, and the atmosphere of chatting is very warm, making people instantly forget all the troubles and displeases.

Lu Yisheng had already hooked on the wall when he entered the door. Now he is wearing only a long white shirt and the black tie that was loosened by him. From just now, she always feels likeToday he is a bit different.

After sitting down, he rolled up his long sleeves and asked, "Is there anything you don’t eat?"

This person’s thinking is really different. Most people ask what do you want to eat?

But he came to the first sentence: Is there anything you don’t eat?

"That … I don’t eat fresh seafood."

He first stared at her with great interest, with a sense of inquiry in his eyes, and then gently spit, "What else?"

I thought he would ask why, but he didn’t ask, she had to take the initiative to explain, "No, I have allergies, and after eating fresh seafood, my skin will appear red and itchy, which is uncomfortable."

"So that’s it. It seems that you don’t have a blessing today. Although the seafood ingredients used here at night may not be too fresh, the taste is really good."

Gu Qingyan but laughed and couldn’t help wondering, thinking about the inexplicable meaning in his deep eyes.

For a while, the waiter put the two groups of black Japanese bowls, small dishes filled with miso soup, and cold side dishes in front of him and her, respectively.

Half half, she finally decided to say a whole day hiding in her heart, "Why did you declare that I was pregnant?"

Lu Yisheng looked at her unhappy face, and explained sincerely, "If not that, if we want to get married smoothly, it is impossible."

"If it is impossible, don’t end." She interrupted depressed.

"Hey, I have asked you before you think clearly, it’s your own head."


She nodded before, but …

"But that does not mean that you are pregnant without my consent? This is related to my famous issue!"

Hearing the words, Lu Yisheng’s narrow eyes and pupils moved lazily towards the flow of light outside the window, and once again reminded her, "I remember that I said before","


She is completely speechless now!

"Remind me? Do you think that I am a tapeworm in your stomach? How do I know what you remind me?"

"It turns out that you are so traditional, can you not accept unmarried first pregnancy?"

"It’s not unacceptable." She frowned, a crazy expression, "My name is destroyed, it is the most serious problem …"

"What is the most serious problem?"

"The most serious question is …" Gu Qingyan cut his teeth, "You said now that I am pregnant, is it a month? How do you plan to accept it?"

Gu Qingyan grabbed the tea on the table with a sip of the tea. Lu Yisheng stared at her anxious expression and calmly, "Then we just make it better?"


Before, the tea that had been swallowed was sprayed out without warning, and it was sprayed on Lu Yisheng’s pure white suit!

"Why are you spraying my face?" Lu Yisheng stood up, and the handsome face seemed to be able to drip water.

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