Novel: The wife is going to give birth, and the husband is reluctant to spend money to go to the hospital and let her die.

"Si Yeqing, I beg you, let me go to the hospital, I really want to give birth …" Xia Wanliang knelt in the snow and snow, and begged to the man in the villa. "There are eight children in eight children.The moon is big, it is a mobilized, living life … "

The door of the villa is open, but there is no figure. There are only two strong bodyguards, standing at the door.

Staring at Xiawan Liang, she was not allowed to enter the house to warm, and she was not allowed to leave the villa yard without authorization.

There was a wetness between her legs, and her amniotic fluid was broken. The pain of delivery came for a while. She could hardly kneel in the summer night, and her body poured softly in the snow.

"Si Yeqing, please, let me go to the hospital?"

She cried over and over again, until her throat was hoarse and her stomach was almost dizzy, and the man’s figure finally appeared.

He stood at the door and stared at her far away.

"Si Yeqing, the child is also your biological and flesh. Now she is now full of monthly. I ask you to let me go to the hospital and give her to give birth to her!"Pulling Si Yeqing’s legs, he was disgusting.

"Summer night, are you willing to divorce?"

Xia Wanliang stunned and murmured, "Our children are about to give birth …"

Si Yeqing’s disgusting frowns: "That’s just a cheap species for me! Xia Wanliang, I never wanted this child, it was yourself, and I was pregnant with my back!Here is born! Can’t be born, the child is sulking, you deserve it! "

The cold eyelashes trembled in the summer evening, and the cold tears fell.

"Si Yeqing, how can you be so ruthless? In any case, this is also your biological flesh!"

"Summer night, do you think you are everything?" Si Yeqing’s expression was cruel and cold, like a demon that came out of hell, "What made from your belly will only make me disgusting! This child,I won’t want it! You want to go to the hospital to give birth, even more dreaming! "

In a word, I thoroughly stepped on the hope of summer night.

The lead -gray sky, the snowflakes floated silently, rotating on the summer night and the dark and messy hair, and the curly eyelashes, beautiful and miserable.

"Si Yeqing, can’t you ask you?" The stomach was so painful. The child who was about to be born kept kicking her belly, and the amniotic fluid between the legs gradually dried up.

Dazzling red ice and snow.

Xia Wanliang covered his stomach, knelt down hard, and kept his head at Si Yeqing.

"I beg you, I knelt down and give you a hoe!" Her forehead hit the snow and snow hard, "Si Yeqing, let me give birth to the child, I beg you."

Si Yeqing looked down, and there was still no half emotion in the bottom of his eyes, and he stared at summer cold cold.

"It’s really cheap. Thinking of my blood, it was fused with a bitch like you, and I was nauseous and nauseous."

Xia Wanliang’s nails stretched the snow force hard, his forehead was against the ground, and tears flowed back.

My child is born safely. "

She has made the final compromise, but Si Yeqing responded, but it was a sarcasm.

"Oh." He said clearly and cruelly. "The summer is cool, you only agree with the divorce now, it’s late. I will not let you go to the hospital and give birth to this obscure child, even if you are in the snow today, you will be in the snow today.When you are born, I will strangle her without hesitation! "

Xia Wanliang’s back trembled fiercely, raising his eyes unbelievable, looking at Si Yeqing in despair.

"As for divorce, you disagree today. In the future, I have a way to force you to kneel and give me consent!"

He threw this sentence without the slightest feelings, turned around, and closed the door of the villa.

If you don’t look at it, in the snow, there is a big belly, the summer night is cold in the summer …

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