Novel: The wife’s pregnancy is forced to donate blood by the president. The doctor’s newspaper is over after the operation: the child can’t keep it

"Lu Beizheng, I want me to donate blood for Zhou Xi, think about it!" Li Ruo said exhaustedly.

Seeing the woman returned to the madness, Lu Beiyi immediately put away the hesitation in her heart.

"Li Ruo, you have no right to choose."

Do she know that this can avoid her prison for one year?

Unexpectedly, even if she prescribed the medicine to him, killed Grandpa, and ran away … he didn’t want her to go to jail.

Speaking, Lu Beiyi had stepped in front of Li Ruo and carried her.

Li Ruo struggled on his shoulder, "Lu Beizheng, you bastard! You will regret it!"

In the hospital, Li Ruo was lying on the icy operating table, pulling the man next to his life, "Beichen, don’t, don’t smoke my blood, don’t smoke my blood … please!"

Lu Beiyi glanced at Zhou Xi lying next to him, and subconsciously shook Li Ruo’s hand, "Doctor, do it."

Outside of the operating room, Tang Cheng hurriedly came, and he pushed Lu Beizhen fiercely, "Lu Beizhen, are you really a bastard! Do you know that Xiao Ruo’s belly is still with children! You will die now, she will die.! "

Lu Beiyi froze, what was he talking about?

Isn’t the child been killed?

"Pap ~"

The operating room’s first aid light was turned on and the doctor ran out.

"Miss Li is a pregnant woman! Now hemorrhage, the patient’s family needs to sign the Qing Palace surgery immediately! In addition, the hospital’s blood bank has no panda blood …"

Lu Beizheng’s mind suddenly exploded. What did he do to her?

Tang Cheng rushed up and punch him to knock him down.

Lu Beiyi couldn’t care about returning, and quickly took out his mobile phone to call.See immediately! "

Han Wenhao, who was sleeping, was scared lightly. What happened to his brother? Suddenly in the middle of the night, he suddenly found the obstetrician and gynecologist to save Li Ruo?

But, did he always hate Li Ruo most?

The Lu family adopted daughter who followed his butt every day …

Li Ruo’s surgery continues.

Zhou Guohua came to Lu Beizheng, "Bei Ji, Xixi just woke up after losing blood, and his mood was very unstable. I’m afraid she would commit a crime again, you go to see her."

Lu Beiyi leaned on the wall and smoked one by one, and did not talk.

For a long time, he pushed Zhou Guohua to the wall and held his neck, and roared: "Roll!"

Thinking of Li Ruo’s life and death in the operating room, he just wanted to kill!

Regardless of her Zhou Xi Wang Xi Li Xi, he didn’t want to care about it!

Zhou Guohua had long been frightened. Is this Lu Bei, who loves Xixi?

That night, Lu Beiyi launched all his relationships and resources, and finally pulled Li Ruo back from Ghost Gate.

When Li Ruo woke up, there was no one in the ward.

She was lying on the hospital bed, raised her hand gently and stroked her flat belly, where there was nothing.

For a long time, she cried sadly holding the sheets under her.

It was the child who was abandoned by Lu Beiyi again and again, but she loved this child over everything …

"Yeah, Li Ruo, are you crying for this?"

Li Ruo watched the person Zhou Xi, where can she still look like half a blood loss.

Oh, Lu Beiyi really distressed her.

"Li Ruo, what do you think of this." Zhou Xi’s voice teased naked.

But Li Ruo couldn’t help looking at her hands.

At this moment, her hand was pinched with a sealed plastic bag, which contained a group of fleshy things with blurred flesh.

"What is this?" Li Ruo asked coldly.

"Hahahahaha." Zhou Xi laughed with his stomach covering his stomach, "Li Ruo, this is the child in your belly. Don’t you know it? I helped you crush that little thing …"


Zhou Xi took a step back, lifted the bag in his hand, and fell heavily.

Blood and flesh splashed all over the ground, shocking.

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