Novel: The woman does not know that she is pregnant and insists on drinking. Zhao Yang told the pulse

"It’s really you!" Ling Yuan arrived in front of Yu Ning, and said a little bit, "I told you to come out for dinner before get off work, you didn’t agree!"

Speaking of Zhao Yang, obviously curious about who this is, and at the same time, he also sighed secretly that the handsome guy’s friends are also handsome guys!

At this time, a few people who came with Ling Yuan also came over.

One of them was dark, smiling, and said strangely: "People don’t look at us, otherwise there is no time to say, but encounter, we still don’t bother!"

Before get off work, Ling Yuan did mention the matter of going out for dinner, but Yu Ning was unhappy because he was staying in the company, and it was not just Ling Yuan. This most annoying Hou Liang was going!

I hate this guy’s face when I go to work during the day, and see you from get off work again, isn’t it looking for abuse?

So when Yu Ning heard him, he ignored him directly, pointing at Zhao Yang, and introduced Ling Yuan: "Zhao Yang, my classmate, and a good brother!"


Ling Yuan and Zhao Yang greeted.

At this time, Ma Xingyue immediately came up with Ling Yuan and his party: "Wow, Zhao Yang, not kind, classmates are so handsome, you don’t say earlier!"

Beauty is attractive to men, and handsome guys are naturally attractive to women.

Especially without a boyfriend, Ma Xingyue is obviously a little interested in Zhao Yang.

Hou Liang frowned, and then glanced at Qin Qian around him.

Qin Qianli immediately hugged Ling Yuan’s arm and laughed: "Yuan Yuan, let’s change the table. You see that there are other tableware on this table, you should be more than two people!"

There were five people, and there were naturally more than two tablets!

Moreover, it is unfortunately, when Qin Qian spoke, Xu Hui and Wu Yurui who went to the bathroom to the bathroom also returned.

"Is this, friend?"

Xu Hui was curious to see so many people, but after all, it was their home, so the two returned to their position.

This left and right, the empty position in the middle happened to be Yu Ning.

Ling Yuan doesn’t speak anymore!

The atmosphere is a bit subtle.

Hou Liang smiled at Hou Liang, who was originally annoyed!

If you do n’t leave, you ’ve made a good show, how can you still go, you must not take Ling Yuan to see Yu Ning’ s people, and break the unrealistic fantasy.

However, this is really strong in Ning Taohua. The two women are good at their faces. They are not worse than Ling Yuan.

Hou Liang stepped forward and laughed, "Yu Ning, it’s all friends, it’s okay together!"

Asked with his mouth, but he had begun to pull the stool.

Seeing this, Ma Xingyue stood at the stall. She was not mixed with the affairs of Yu Ning and Zhao Yang and Ling Yuan. Her goal was Zhao Yang!

But when she was going to sit next to Zhao Yang, Zhao Yang said: "Sorry, someone here!"

"It’s okay, I’ll sit here!"

Yu Ning wanted to refuse, but when he saw that Ling Yuan had sat down, he could only give up.

Ling Yuan looked at Xu Hui and Wu Yurui, whispered: "Yu Ning, who are they all?"

Yu Ningdao: "You have to ask Zhao Yang, it’s all friends of Lao Zhao, we are the first time we have seen today!"

See you for the first time?

Ling Yuan was relieved, but Hou Liang laughed: "The first time? The first time in the middle of the house? Yu Ning, all men, I understand!"

Yu Ning frowned. If everyone was working in the same company, and there were other female colleagues here, he had to turn his face to let this guy look!

Hou Liang seemed to be addictive in a word. After speaking, he said to Ling Yuan: "Yuan Yuan, you have to polish your eyes.

Ling Yuan frowned and said, "Please call me Ling Yuan!"

Hou Liang didn’t care about it, but he liked Ling Yuan like this kind of sharp corner!

Seeing this, Zhao Yang knew that he had to speak.

"He is the person you said?"

Yu Ning nodded.

Zhao Yang took a saliva and said, "Indeed, Ling Yuan? It must be polished, and some people are low when they lick."

Hou Liang’s eyebrows were messy. There were absolutely a lot of women around him, and it could be seen from the face. This guy was tossing with a woman two hours ago.

And Zhao Yang’s words made Hou Liang make Mao.

He turned black instantly and pointed at Zhao Yang: "What are you talking about?"

Zhao Yang frowned, and the cup he played suddenly clicked, and was directly crushed by Zhao Yang.


The glass dropped, Zhao Yang said with a serious face: "I hate others the most, and I still use my fingers!"

This scene scared the people present.

What kind of ghost?

Can Zhao Yang crush the glass with hands?

Xu Hui just drank, it was a serious beer bottle. The wall of the cup was not thin. How could ordinary people crush casually?

Of course, not just her, Wu Yurui, Ma Xingyue were all shocked, and subconsciously touched the beer bottle on the table!

Hou Liang’s response was the most, and then Zhao Yang’s fingers immediately shrunk back, and even his eyes flickered.

But soon, he calmed down and snorted, "What? Do you want to hit me?"

Zhao Yangle, laughed: "Fight you? You match!"


"Don’t want your fingers!"

Hou Liang quickly retracted his fingers and stared at Zhao Yang fiercely: "Don’t be too arrogant!"

"Don’t be too arrogant, who is a waste that relying on his father’s adorable meal, who gives you arrogant capital? In addition, I also persuade you to go to the hospital to check. After all, you like to play, and others like to play.And this kind of like to play, there are some diseases on your body! "

In a word of Zhao Yang, Xu Huiyu pulled the stool back!

She didn’t know if Zhao Yang scared Hou Liang, but in case.

Zhao Yang glanced at Xu Hui and laughed: "Don’t be afraid, not infectious!"

Xu Hui was relieved!

That’s good, she is still afraid of this guy’s disease!

Zhao Yang’s words are more vague, but the amount of information is very large.

For example, Hou Liang likes to play, and it seems that he is sick.

Everyone is an adult, and naturally knows what it means.

For a while, including Ling Yuan, Ma Xingyue, and even Qin Qian looked at Hou Liang.

"You fucking …" Hou Liang was already angry, and said he was pointing at Zhao Yang to get up, but suddenly remembered Zhao Yang crushing the glass bottle with one hand, immediately retracted his hand, and then accurately quit the spearhead. "Instead ofPromoting yourself, it is better to slander others, it is really a hill! "

Others have reacted at this moment, and they can’t doubt Hou Liang because of a word from others!

What’s more, everyone is a colleague, but Zhao Yang is the first meeting.

Qin Qian snorted, and said, "You won’t think of making rumors unlikely!"

Hou Liang also found Yu, sneered, "You heard these words just now, everyone can hear it. If I call the police, believe that you need to apologize solemnly in front of everyone, but your job is gone?"

Zhao Yangle: "Creating a rumor? What do I make rumors, what? Do you think I just say casually?"

Hou Liang frowned, and his heart was a little bit sudden.

Does this guy really know yourself?Knowing your romantic anecdotes?

After Zhao Yang said Hou Liang, he looked at Qin Qian again, saying, "Little girl, I advise you not to drink, it’s not good for the fetus!"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone brushed together, all looked at Qin Qian!

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