Novice pregnant mothers need to get these blood pressure measurement skills

"Doctor, why are I have a good blood pressure at home? Every time I come to the hospital to test the blood pressure?" Dr. Wang Yanxia, the obstetrics of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Northwest Women and Children, said that as an obstetricianToday, we will talk about some common sense of blood pressure for pregnant mothers.

The room is quiet and the temperature is appropriate when measuring blood pressure; 5 minutes before measurement; prohibit smoking, exercise, eating and drinking coffee 30 minutes before measurement; avoid conversation when measuring blood pressure;Three times, the average value of the post twice.

"Doctor, my blood pressure is high and low, is this normal?" "Doctor, my sphygmomanometer has no problem, I also measured according to the requirements. Why is the hospital measured high, and the measurement at home is normal?" Wang YanxiaIt is said that this is actually the "white coat hypertension" that obstetricians often say.The hypertension of white coat refers to the increase in blood pressure in the diagnosis room before 20 weeks of pregnancy, but home self -test blood pressure <135/85mmHg and/or) dynamic blood pressure in 24 hours is normal.In fact, the hypertension of white coats is often seen in outpatient clinics. 24 -hour dynamic blood pressure monitoring is the first choice for diagnosis of white coat hypertension.

The so -called dynamic blood pressure monitoring is to determine blood pressure within 24 hours of day and night by wearing a special blood pressure monitor (worn by the first section and two ward).Under normal circumstances, setting blood pressure every 15-30 minutes during the day, measurement of blood pressure every 30 minutes at night, at least 20 blood pressure reading during the day, and at least 7 readings at night.Through dynamic blood pressure monitoring, a person can monitor the blood pressure level throughout the day under daily life, including blood pressure in the morning and sleeping process.Compared with the blood pressure of the clinic, dynamic blood pressure can better discover concealed hypertension, exclude the hypertension of white coats, and more accurately predict the further increase of hypertension during pregnancy, the further development of the disease, and even the important heart, the brain, the lungs, and other important important.Damage of organs.

So what are the precautions after wearing a dynamic blood pressure monitor?

When the dynamic blood pressure is automatically measured, keep the arms restless; wearing a dynamic blood pressure monitor does not affect normal life, and it is recommended to go to work and live normally to obtain blood pressure monitoring data that is closer to daily work and life; use the diary card recordsBlood pressure, monitoring the daily life of the day, including getting up, sleeping, nap and three meals, activity and medication information, which will help doctors evaluate and interpret your dynamic blood pressure results.

Many pregnant mothers are puzzled, can they be wearing dynamic blood pressure monitors, can it be clear that they have "hypertension during pregnancy"?Experts remind that if the dynamic blood pressure monitoring results are normal, they can basically be diagnosed as white coat hypertension.Because the hypertension of white coats can increase the risk of hypertension during pregnancy and early eclampsia, it is necessary to prevent and avoid high -risk factors of high blood pressure, such as adjusting lifestyle, paying attention to rest, controlling weight, low -salt high -protein diet, appropriate exercise, and appropriate exercise, and appropriate exercise, and appropriate exercise, appropriate exercise, and appropriate exercise, appropriate exercise, and appropriate exercise.Adjust mental emotions, regularly monitor blood pressure.

Xi’an Newspaper All Media Reporter Wang Jiangli

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