Now college students are so "open"?Boys are derailed during pregnancy, nearly 10 people in ambiguous objects

The university is an open campus, and college students are basically an adult. Although the students have passed the age of "love sinus", they are also rare to get "freedom of love."

Many students have the object of "admiration" in middle schools, but due to the requirements of learning and school, the teacher finds that "cat greasy" will also find parents, and they can only hide their secrets in their hearts and digest themselves.

When the students go to college, they will not be the same, and the school will not limit the normal friends of the students.If the two people are "in love with affection", they can still encourage each other academic academics, but it is still a "two in the United States".

There is nothing wrong with the normal interaction between students.But if it is "extraordinary", it will be difficult to understand.Now college students are so "open"?Boys are derailed during pregnancy, and there are nearly 10 ambiguous targets.

Recently, Dou of the Central and South National University was sent to "hot search" by his girlfriend.To this point, the "grace and grievance" must be deep.

Dou is a student of the Department of Biological Engineering of the Central South China University of Ethnology and is about to graduate next year.Now he is an intern at a research center in Beijing, and he can do scientific research before graduating. Presumably, his strength still exists.

The girl who posted the "pain" is also a college student. The two also planned to study abroad together.But the good times did not last long. In October this year, the two opened "sweet travel", but the girls accidentally "pregnant".

After learning about the incident, Dou immediately said that he wanted to complete his studies first, and analyzed the current situation for girls. Not only did he study pressure, but the two did not have the ability. In short, girls "do".

After experiencing some PUA, girls also agreed.After all, this is not a trivial matter, and boys should also take responsibility and take the initiative to find girls.But in fact, the girls rushed to Beijing alone from Wuhan.

After the girl arrived in Beijing, she found some secrets of "unknown".Dou Dou even had ambiguous with other girls during pregnancy, and there were dozens of girls together.

Isn’t this the pure "Neptune"!It turned out to be so "scum".College students have been educated, but they have done such a thing. They really make people laugh.

The girl couldn’t believe it all of this, but the facts were in front of them, and finally decided to "publicize them" with the bad behavior of Dou, and they also learned of lessons.

This incident has also begun to spread on the Internet, and students and teachers in various colleges and universities have all heard of it, causing extremely bad impacts.The Central and South National University did not sit at the sight of it, and made a punishment for boys to effectively work.

Although Dou’s behavior did not violate the law, he touched the "bottom line" of morality.College students should have promoted righteousness, and even if they do not win glory for the school, they have to fight for themselves.

However, Dou did not realize how bad his behavior was, his reputation was smelly, and he "smeared" to the school.To this end, the school gave Dou seriously warning to punish, and a "stain" was added to the personal archives.

Originally, the future was great, but it was buried in his own hands and made the image of a college student and the things that contrary to public order and good customs.State -owned national laws, family rules, and schools have corresponding management regulations.

Students’ files have been established since high school.This "life file" will also follow the students for a lifetime.If you violate the bottom line of the school during the school, the school must "enforce enforcement".

Playing a warning role in making mistakes, and to warn other students, we must never make the same mistake again.Many students have made a big mistake because they do not know whether they are right or wrong, and they have "lucky psychology".

Then the personal archives also leave "stains". Such students who want to take military schools and police schools will be limited. Even if the college entrance examination results are excellent, no matter how good their quality is, it will not pass the political trial.

After the students arrived in college, they couldn’t do it in the army to join the army.In the future, the employment of graduation and the defects in the archives will also become a "road blocking stone."

Any examination, examination, and state -owned enterprises may be brushed down ruthlessly in the political trial.In severe cases, how can you be able to afford the three generations, how can parents pay hard work.

I sent a saying: If you want to become a talent, you must first be an adult.If college students cannot correct themselves, even if their own academic ability is outstanding, it will not make people trust.

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