Now pick fresh lotus seeds, try this characteristic method, fresh and nutritious and delicious, which is good for the body

The most beautiful one in summer is probably the lotus.It is a kind of delicious. Every year, a basket of fresh lotus puffs on the street will buy some consumption of heat to clear heat and fire.

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So we eat fresh lotus seeds from July to September, and the more tender and tender, but the lotus seeds in the following September are also delicious, because the lotus seeds at this time will be a bit black, but the nutritional value will be relatively high., So how to eat is a healthy and delicious food, so how to make this delicious and healthy food, how to make lotus seeds and crickets more brittle and delicious, quickly come with us to make this very simple and easy -to -make foodBar!

【Ice Tong Shuangpin Prepare ingredients】

Main ingredients: Moderate amount of chain

[Frozen Lotus Pond Double Pound Production Process]

1. We choose the fresh lotus root of Honghu in Hubei called blue and white ravioli.

2. We cut the shreds into slices, a little thinner and more crispy and fresh.

3. The clear water pantra of Honghu in Hubei is Hermes in the lotus puff. The sweet and refreshing lotus seeds we peeled out.

4. The main dish we make is the hotel style, so it is mainly good -looking, and then choose the lotus as a background to make it more vibrant.If you can ignore it, we don’t need it.

5. Ice town lotus seeds and lotus root slices and squeeze a little lemonade to make it more crisp and sweet.

6. Finally, we can produce it. It is simple to see that lotus seeds and crickets are all seasonal cuisine. We sharing is a food attitude, because it is necessary to adjust according to individuals.Same.

If you can use dry ice, the dishes are more unique and beautiful!

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