Observation 丨 Xiangpin, who dares to "eat crabs", is developed like this

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If a brand is regarded as an individual creature in nature, it will inevitably play a vital role in maintaining its growth and growth.

Hunan, this hot soil, has an excellent ecological environment of creating a "brand ecosystem". Every dazzling brand can find its own brand ecology.At the Chinese Brand Expo in 2023, various brands in Hunan appeared in a cool appearance.

2023 China Brand Expo Hunan Exhibition Hall.

Red Net moment reporter He Qing Shanghai report

On May 10, the 2023 China Brand Expo opened in Shanghai.

66 -This is the number of brands of the Chinese Brand Expo in the 2023 China Brand Expo in Hunan.The number is not much, but the amount of "innovation" is extremely high.

A number of brand products that represent the speed of China, the highest diameter shield machine of China, the domestic largest diameter shield machine, and the domestic largest diameter shield machine, and the largest domestic diameter shield machines.

In the number "66", I found the development password of Hunan’s "brand ecosystem".

Hunan brand has "dare" genes

Whether it is to create a new brand or polish the old brand, you must first have a valuable gene to make the birth of the brand a reality.

In 1999, He Qinghua, who was over half a year old, started his home and founded Shanhe Intelligence.Along the way, with the guidance innovation, Shanhe Intelligence "created" famous and "created" a number of worlds in the field of construction machinery, from the "workshop -style" enterprise with unknown and unknown.The top 50 companies.

Hunan people have a daring temperament in the bones, with the quality of "suffering hard, bullish, tie the village, and fight hard".He Qinghua has this spirit, and so is the Shanhe intelligence he led.

At the beginning of the founding of the Huxiang brand of the same temperament of the same temperament, the "dare, dare to do, and dare to create" a "dare to do, dare to do the first" """ ".

Hunan Exhibition Hall Innovation Highlands Plate.

At the Hunan exhibition hall of this exhibition, there are still many "dare" Xiangxiang products like this.

High, no matter how high, the highest.

Zoomlion has created the world’s longest armband pump truck and the world’s highest self -righteous straight -arm high -altitude operation platform.

Fast, faster, faster.

CRRC Movies Monterem Light Rail and Phoenix Cultural Tourism Magnetic Floating Train models show the proud "China Speed".

"Jinghua" oversized diameter shield machine (model).

Deep, deeper, deeper.

Beidou satellite "deep space" travels, the "Jinghua" oversized diameter shield machine and other technical equipment advances to the "deep land", and the deep sea drilling machine of the "Hermiu II" explores the "Deep Sea".

Hard, no matter how hard, harder.

The PCB micro drill brought by Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Group Co., Ltd. is more thinner than the hair of the hair, which can leave 2,500 consistent drilling holes on a fine printing circuit board of 1 square centimeter, and the drills are constantly bending.

Exhibition hall Xiangxiu performance.

Old brands have also glowed with new vitality because of innovation.

At the exhibition, Hunan Hunan Embroidery Research Institute brought cultural and creative products such as the newly developed Hanmutan Qingwen Fang Gift Box, Burnicing Series Jewelry, and Chanting Morning Cars to make the people feel the charm of Xiangxiu in life.

The "environment" of the tree brand is very important

The strong growth of the brand requires the corresponding nourishment of its location in order to leafy.

Tree brand, Hunan enterprises have the motivation of "dare to break", and Hunan creates a "dare to do" brand ecological environment with affection.At this point, entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial entrepreneurs in Hunan officers feel deeply touched.

Xiang Wenbo, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., said that Hunan is the best fertile soil in investing in entrepreneurship.

Zhou Qunfei, chairman of Lan Si Technology, said that for investors, Hunan is "Funan", which makes us warm as spring.

During the 2023 Chinese Brand Day event, the launching ceremony of the Hunan brand construction achievement and the launching ceremony of the Hunan "Brand Observation Action" was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.

The members of the party group and deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commissioners introduced at the Hunan brand construction achievement conference at the press conference: In recent years, Hunan has fully promoted the brand system construction to accelerate the improvement of the brand level.

The reporter sorted out and found that the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan of Hunan Province" and the resolution of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and the provincial government clearly proposed the "brand improvement project".The Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s first sexual establishment and release of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" Hunan Brand Development Plan ", proposed the" five major actions "of brand strong foundation, brand creation, brand innovation, brand communication, and brand protection, clearly creating advanced manufacturing brand highlands, Modern service industry brand -name provinces, modern agricultural brand bases and other major target tasks.

At the same time, the province has continued to promote the governor’s quality award project, and various functional departments cooperate to cooperate to promote brand building:

The Industrial and Information Technology Department organizes the brand cultivation pilot demonstration and implements 100 major product innovation projects; the agricultural department continues to implement the "six strong farmers" actions, and released the "Guidance Catalog of the Development of the Development of the Chariotic Industry in Hunan Province, One County, One Special"; the business department launched HunanProvincial old -fashioned dynamic management; Quality Supervision Department took the lead in issuing provincial local standards such as "Guidelines for Brand Cultivation", "Requirements and Implementation of Brand Management System", "Brand Value Evaluation" in the country …

This set of combination of fist provides rich fertilizer for the soil of the company, forming a policy ecological environment of the brand thrive, and promotes many Xiangpin from scratch, from old to new, from small to large.

At present, Hunan’s brand value is continuously increased.The province has 1 China Quality Award, 7 China Quality Nomination Awards, and 67 Governor Quality Awards.According to the 2022 "China 500 Most Valuable Brand" released by the World Brand Lab, the total value of Hunan’s list of enterprises reached 251.7 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 20%in the past 5 years.

Form the "brand ecosystem"

The environment has created a brand, and the brand is also reshaping the environment. Hunan eventually formed a thriving "brand ecosystem".Sanxiang’s land is good "product"!

Hunan has cultivated 7 provincial regional public brands such as "Hunan Black Tea", "Hunan Tea Oil", "Hunan Pepper", and "Liuyang Flower Cannon", "Fuling Porcelain", "Anhua Black Tea", "Xiangxiu" and other geographical marks.Eighteen holes "" Xiang Jianghong "and other rural rejuvenation brands have risen rapidly.

Hunan exhibition hall manufacturing highland sector.

Good "product" knows the world.

Super hybrid rice and saline -resistant hybrid rice seeds are the world’s leading world, supercomputers, ultra -high -speed rail transit traction technology is world -renowned.Chutian technology medical machinery and medicine is well -known worldwide. The domestic and foreign market share of concrete machinery, shield machines, electric locomotives, urban rail trains and other products has continued to increase.

Good "product" has become a forest.

Construction machinery clusters, rail transit equipment clusters, a new generation of autonomous safety computing system clusters, small and medium -sized air engine clusters 4 industrial clusters ranked among the advanced manufacturing cluster "national team", ranking third in the country.

"Pin" is better.

Splendid Xiaoxiang, the hometown of fish and rice, the hometown of great men, and other traditional images are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Brand charm is constantly being released.

Five experts were appointed as an expert in the "Hunan Brand Observation Action" brand think tank.

In the future, how does Hunan continue to cultivate more Xiangpin?The author interviewed Wang Chao, an expert in Hunan Brand Observing Action Brand Think Tank, Director of Hunan Development Research Center, and Secretary -General of the Hunan Think Tank Alliance.

Wang Chao believes

First, governments at all levels should continue to attach importance to innovation leadership, take the initiative to establish a brand value evaluation and protection system, increase the protection of intellectual property rights, promote enterprises to achieve innovation and development, and activate the "pond spring water" for enterprise development.

The second is to accelerate the establishment of the industry and industry standards, lead the development with standards, and build the brand foundation with quality.

The third is to pay attention to cultural empowerment. Excellent brands can impress people’s hearts and resonate. It is necessary to integrate the characteristics of Huxiang characteristics into the brand connotation and tell the story of Xiangpin.

The fourth is to allow the internal and external platforms to unblock, create better conditions for Hunan to produce Hunan, establish comprehensive support measures, unblock the path of local brands going out, and open the bridge between China Unicom nationwide and even the world.

A Hunan brand is a beautiful "Hunan business card".The vitality of the "Dare" Xiangpin has provided confidence and confidence for Hunan’s strong economic development!

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