Obviously eating a little stomach or bulging, don’t despise it

I believe that many friends have such experiences, and they don’t eat much every day, but the stomach is inexplicable, just like a pregnant woman who is pregnant for four or five months … According to the relevant data of the my country Disease Control Center, my country has 4.2 Around 100 million people have such problems.However, most people will not take this problem at their hearts.As everyone knows, it is not necessarily eating too much for a long time, and it may be related to the disease.

The stomach is always bulging, not necessarily eating, it may be related to these diseases


Stomach disease

When we usually find that our belly is bulging, it may be related to the health of the stomach.When abnormal stomach occurs, it will affect the secretion of gastric acid. At this time, there will be symptoms of indigestion, causing the stomach to bloating.In addition, when the gastric mucosa is damaged, the secretion of gastric acid will be pierced. At this time, patients will experience food decline, nausea, vomiting, and bloating.


Pelvic fluid

The pelvic effusion is one of them. When the effusion in the pelvic cavity is more and more, it will affect the stomach next to it.Causes a certain pressure on the stomach.As a result, it is obviously eating very little, and you still feel that the stomach is panicked.


Liver disease

The bloating of the belly is not necessarily the problem of the digestive system.In fact, regardless of any organs of the human body, as long as it is discovered, it may affect the metabolism and conversion of food in the body, which will cause the patient’s belly.For example, when the liver is severely damaged, it will affect the metabolism of energy in the body. At this time, patients will experience bloating.

In short, it is recommended that you need to pay more attention to your own health. If you frequently appear up, you need to increase your vigilance.Having said that, not all flatulence is a disease. If you only occasionally appear in your stomach, more reasons may be related to everyone’s living habits.

There may be 3 kinds of habit of being ignored


unstable emotion

Frequent anger and emotional instability may also cause the stomach to bulge.Because when we are angry, it will affect the digestion of food by the digestive system.


Swallowing and eating too fast

Eating too fast may also cause the stomach to bulge.Because when we eat too much, the food we eat cannot be fully chewed by us, thereby increasing the burden on the digestive system. In the long run, there may be indigestion.In addition, if you eat too fast, you will eat a lot of oxygen during the swallowing process, causing the stomach to bulge.


Like to drink carbonated drinks

Everyone will find that after drinking carbonated drinks, there will be a lot of bubbles. When these bubbles enter the stomach, it will make us feel bloating.If it is caused by the disease, it cannot be relieved before the disease is cured. If it is caused by living habits, it can be relieved.

What should I do if my belly is drumming?


Eat more foods that nourish the stomach

If it is caused by the romance caused by living habits, you can usually eat some foods that are easy to nourish and digest, such as: steamed buns, yam, barley, red dates, lotus seeds, and so on.Avoid excessive consumption of fried, cold, bubbles and food.During the severe period of flatulence, eating less foods that can produce gas as much as possible, such as beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and so on.


Proper walk

If you have flatulence in your stomach, you can usually do more exercise to promote the digestion of food by the digestive system and relieve the bloating caused by poor digestion."Walking a hundred steps after meals, live until ninety -nine", do n’t motionless after eating. You can take a walk appropriately to promote the digestion of food in the body, and it also helps to discharge the flatulence in the body.


Can massage the abdomen

If you have flatulence in your belly, you can massage the abdomen more, which can help food digestion and promote the discharge of flatulence.Small movements of flatulence: you can lie flat on the bed, bend your knees closer to the abdomen, then slowly put down your legs and make it flat; stand directly with your palm to massage in the abdomen.

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