Obviously the same room during ovulation, why didn’t you conceive?

Everyone knows that only when sperm and eggs meet can the fertilized egg be formed.

Therefore, it is possible to get pregnant during ovulation;

As a result, everyone began to find various ways to estimate the ovulation period.

After ovulation, the progesterone secreted by the ovaries will increase the basal body temperature by 0.3-0.5 ° C. Therefore, doctors often judge whether ovulation is based on changes in the base temperature.

However, the rise of basic body temperature occurs after ovulation, and it is too late to find that the body temperature rises and then the same room, so this method can only tell you whether ovulation is used to guide the same room day.


Women with irregular life, such as often night shifts and high work pressure, will interfere with the result of basic body temperature.

In the ovulation period, cervical mucus will become more. Like egg white, it can be transparent and smooth, can be pulled very long, and the brushes can reach more than 10 cm.

However, this method is not easy to be mastered by non -professional female friends, nor can they calculate the accurate ovulation period. Therefore, it is not reliable to guide the same room through changes in cervical mucus traits.

Ovulation usually occurs around 14 days before the next menstruation. Therefore, for women with menstruation, that is to say, to be able to accurately know when they will come next time, and push for 14 days is ovulation day.For example, the next menstrual period is December 15, then ovulation time is around December 1.

If you don’t want to count it yourself, download an ovulation period calculator online and lose the last menstruation and menstrual cycle, and you will directly tell you the ovulation period.

I often encounter a female friend and asked: I just have the same room during ovulation. Why is there no pregnancy?

The answer may be:

Sperm survival time can be up to 1 week, and the survival time of eggs is only 24 hours. If you have a room in the same room a few days after ovulation, it is not easy to get pregnant. If you choose 1 week before ovulation, the possibility of success is very high;

Ovulation is sometimes affected by external factors such as climate change, emotional changes, physical conditions, etc., and the ovulation day is probably probably, and it is impossible to accurately calculate which day it is;

Of course, there are factors that cause infertility such as infertility, such as ovulation, fallopian tubes, and problems with men.


This method is not suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles.

Most ovulation test strips are prompting the beginning of ovulation by determining the peak of luteal germ (LH). When LH reaches its peak, most of them will ovulation at 24-36 hours.

Two clear lines are positive, indicating that the LH increases, and ovulation is needed; a line or a shallow one depth appears, indicating that there is no ovulation.

In the process of turning weak yang (two very clear lines) (two very clear lines), the possibility of conception is the most likely.


If stress, tiredness, illness, sleep disorders, night work (night shift) or drinking will affect the accuracy of the results.

If you have enough time, you can monitor ovulation by vaginal B -ultrasound;

Methods: Starting from the 8-10 days of menstruation, monitoring every day or daily.

The number of B -ultrasound monitors per cycle is 3 to 4 times per cycle.Doctors will guide the same room according to the size of the follicle, but the same room time from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation, it will definitely not tell you the accurate day.


Short menstrual cycle, such as 20-25 days of women, need to be monitored from the third day of menstruation;

It is best to fix the doctor for ovulation monitoring, because the data measured by each doctor may be different.

B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation is the most accurate. If you have enough time and in the case of economic permission, you can choose this method, but I personally think it is unnecessary;

Ovulation test strips are a good way, but there are also interference;

Those with menstruation can calculate the ovulation period, and choose the same house for 1 week or 1-2 days before the ovulation. The possibility of conception is very high;

It is not reliable to use the basic body temperature to measure and observe the cervical mucus.

In fact, normal women do not need to carefully calculate the ovulation period again, which will cause mental tension and affect ovulation. The easiest way is to start the same room after menstruation.Large, if the second half of the menstruation, the first two weeks before menstruation, start the same room, often ovulates, and the survival of the eggs is not easy to conceive.


Normal women have the same room during ovulation. They should not be pregnant for 1 year. Those who are over 35 years old should be seen as soon as possible without pregnancy.

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