Oh my god!Eat oysters, and there were two crab babies in it. Can you eat it?What are they doing?

I took the biggest oyster and was about to eat it. As a result, a thing was scared to scare my eyes, wow!There is actually a small crab in the snail!My God, is this disgusting or amazing?

This is not the end. After pulling this little guy out, I found that there is actually a more mini crab baby. Dare to love this is the two couples hiding bad things in it, really sorry!

Seeing it for a long time, I really have a long -lasting knowledge, and don’t eat rice.

However, when I heard the popular science of others, I turned out to be ignorant!

Saying this is bean crab, it is actually very expensive!I also said that this is the best food with crab cubs!Really?

Anyway, I still don’t know much, so I deliberately checked some relevant information and want to completely figure out what this is?

It turns out that beans crab likes to live together with some double shells. Females are common in oyster shells. They are white and pink and have a larger shape. The male body is small, which is dark brown.If you like freestyle on the beach, it is difficult for us to meet.

Therefore, as the situation encountered above, the color is more beautiful, it seems to be a mother crab baby.

However, don’t look at this bean crab very small. In fact, this guy is very bad. It will climb into the belly of others while opening his mouth when he opens his mouth to damage the gills, coats, ovarian, digestive glands, etc.It is also necessary to seize the food of the host and prevent the host of the host, thereby making the host shellfish gradually lose weight.

For this reason, this bean crab is not a good thing for artificial breeding shellfish, because its existence will reduce the production and quality of shellfish.

Relevant data shows that the weight of the mussel meat with bean crab parasites is about 50%lower than the normal mussels. No wonder it is the natural enemy of farmers.

Even more serious, bean crabs live in the shell, which can also make people from changing from females to male, which is even more thoughtful. In severe cases, the shell will also whisper and no life signs.

In addition to the above, the journey of bean crabs in the shell is also a very interesting phenomenon of nature.

It is reported that every time in the mating season, the male crabs and crabs have begun to become extremely excited and excited. It will bring the red neck enthusiasm and even the eight legs.Find female beans.

Finally, on the endless beach, male bean crabs encountered a shell, and there may be a female bean crab that would make it fell in love at first sight!

Black is just a male bean crab, the big one in front is the mother’s bean crab

Accelerate the climbing and climbing, so, when you follow, it climbed the shell of the small shell, and began to use its hard back, abdomen, clalee, eight limbs, and mouth to constantly rub the surface of the small shell -until it grows until it grows upAfter the attack of time, the shell finally couldn’t stand it, and the "click" opened the door of the "couple".

So, on the hotbed made of soft shell meat, when I saw the shame, the tender female bean crab, the male bean crabs began to start fierce offensive …

And more interesting is that once the mother crab enters a certain shellfish, it will basically not come out, so the male crab is usually actively going to the shell to find a partner to have a baby.

It is said that the body of beans crabs is full of cream, but it is delicious!

However, beans crab can be eaten, but for the human body, there is no nutritional value, and it will not cause any harm.

However, can you get a mouthful when you see this little guy?Anyway, I ca n’t do it, and I can really get it. I am afraid that there is only the highest level of food …

Well, this article is shared here today. People who do n’t know beans and crabs. After reading this article, I probably have a half -knowledge of this little guy!

I feel that this thing is quite interesting. Talking to the children can also give him some little knowledge in nature!

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