Oh my god!Guo Biting has been pregnant for 6 months. Wearing a maternity dress has a big belly, and it is difficult to escape the ugliness during pregnancy.

Guo Biting hasn’t appeared for a long time, and he is basically a state of stop work after years. Maybe everyone may have guessing whether Guo Biting is pregnant?However, the family did not admit that Guo Biting was pregnant.Guo Biting has always been very low -key and does not like a girl who is very quiet. A few days ago, because of being taken out of consumption, her mother -in -law had to bite him with Xiao Jingteng’s dog.Domineering and protecting daughter -in -law will get great praise, domineering and humorous. There is such a mother -in -law that feels much stronger than her husband.

The goddess Guo Biting has been rumored to be pregnant. This has not been a real hammer recently. Yo Media took Guo Biting to go out and go shopping with his pregnant belly. It seems that he has been pregnant for six months.Finally going to be a mother!Before being given birth to his father, the mother -in -law’s house must be very anxious, but it didn’t show it!The actresses who marry into the wealthy family in 19 years are Guo Biting and Xi Mengyao!Xi Mengyao also married a giants after she was pregnant. Will the giants generally pay attention to the mother’s expensiveness!

Guo Biting was very simple and generous that day, but this height and back are also the most noticeable in the crowd. With a six -month pregnant belly, there is a pink square bag in his hand.Shelf, do everything in person.On the same day, Guo Biting wore a dark gray and generous lattice dress with a very long style and style. Without Guo Biting’s height, he really couldn’t afford such a long skirt.Stepping on a pair of red sandals, adding joy and vitality.

Looking at Guo Biting’s belly like this is already very obvious. The looseness of this skirt can be well obstructed to the pregnant belly, but it has been six months to Tibet.Simple and generous and low -key, it doesn’t look public at all.But will it be better to wear brightly dressed in pregnancy?Everyone knows that women have changed their pregnancy very much. Not only will they become ugly, but they will also look very bloated.If you wear more colorful clothes, your skin color may look even more beautiful.

It can be seen that Guo Biting’s shoulder bag was also equipped with a puppy and went to a pet hospital. Is it really possible to raise pets during pregnancy?I have a pet bag and a dog. It ’s really real. I do n’t know if Xiang Tai see it?Guo Biting did not wear a mask throughout the street this time, so it was really not safe!

Although Guo Biting is only a fat belly, it seems that there are many more flesh on the side goose egg face. It turns out that every woman can’t escape the bloated and ugly changes brought by the pregnancy!Although Guo Biting during pregnancy was not much different from the goddess in front of the screen, it was indeed a bit dark and swollen, and his nose became much larger!

Guo Biting has always been the goddess in the minds of many friends. Although it is not as fashionable as everyone’s imagination during pregnancy, the overall state is still possible. It is not much different from the face of the face.The changes, edema, ugliness, blessing, no color, etc., but if the baby recovers well, you can still return to the state of no baby. What do you think?

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