On the day of marriage, the husband found that his wife was even pregnant for 3 months, and asked the Taoist priest to find the adulterer in anger.

In the spring of the 27th year of the Republic of China, Wang Defu was busy borrowing tables and chair benches at the house of Wangjia Village in Yingshang County, northern Anhui. Today is the day when his son is married.

The old couple worked hard for most of their lives, and these savings finally came in handy today. The iron egg is a honest man. In addition to the ground work, there will be some carpenter work.Craftsman.

Iron Egg was 23rd and married late in rural areas. The woman was 17 years old. She was the daughter of Zhang Yanhua, a Xiao Zhangzhuang Zhang Huainen, Wuli, and was smart and clever since childhood. She just returned from school last year.

Originally, Tie Dan disagreed with this marriage. He felt that he was not worthy of Zhang Yanhua. He finally agreed with his father and mother to persuade him.

Why did Wang Defu actively agree with this family affairs? The main reason is that the woman’s family should not be brilliant. In addition, she also married 20 silver dollars, plus a animal. This is a small wealth in the countryside.

At first he also doubted that the woman had such a good condition. Why did he take the initiative to find his own iron egg? What condition Wang Defu was very clear?Can a good thing fall on my own?

After lobbying by the matchmakers, Wang Defu finally realized that maybe the ancestral tomb should have this blessing.

The gatarous tableware that runs in rural areas are all the old and young men in the whole village. Who has tables and chairs and benches, who has dishes and plates.Go back and go back.

The sister -in -law of each household is busy washing vegetables and dishes. The chefs in the village are also serving the fire. The scene is very lively.

When you get married in the countryside, you will invite a manager. It is mainly to master the progress of the wedding instrument and the welcoming the two parties. Generally, it is an elder in villages in the village, or a head -and -face person to host it.

When Wangjia Village was so busy in the sky, the village layman came to two foreigners, one old and two Taoist priests, and the trail walked in front of the old Taoist priests, and walked towards the Wang family, who was doing the big seat.

The second uncle in the seat was directing the posts on the stage, and it was a little surprised to see the two Taoist priests.

When the second uncle was young when he was young, he had seen the Taoist priest, and he greeted him and said, "The two Taoist chiefs have gifts, I don’t know if there is something."

The two Taoist priests who came to Wangjiacun were Mao Shan Old Dao Kiyozi, and his apprentice Zhang Shaoqing. This day came here and just caught up with Wangjiacun to do a happy event.

When Qing Pingzi saw the old man stepped forward and asked, he wrote a courtesy: "The old Tao and the apprentices passed Guizhuang and saw the host’s happy event.

The second uncle heard that he was pleasing, and he did not neglect the two of the teachers and apprentices. He arranged a empty table to sit down. The rural areas pay attention to the guests. Besides, they still do happy things, and they will not refuse the two.

Shao Qing, who was just sitting, said joyfully: "I can finally eat a lot today, and the wild vegetable cakes are uncomfortable in the day, and I don’t eat it today."

When Qing Pingzi saw his apprentice so greedy, he said angrily: "Wait for the wine to come up, not wanton."

Shao Qing pouted helplessly, and said secretly: "As long as I am full, how can I eat less?"

A small.

The Wang family went to Xiao Zhangzhuang’s welcome team back. When he went to the village, he was lively. The sound of firecrackers made a stop of the firecrackers.

Dahong’s sedan seedlings were lifted, and the groom’s iron eggs walked in front of the welcome team, and soon went to Wang’s door.

Immediately after the wedding was presided over by Si Yi, Si Yi shouted: "One worship the world, two worship Gao Tang, the husband and wife worship, and the ceremony!

After the wedding was completed, the seats officially started. The groom started toasting during the table. When he walked to the master and apprentice of Qingping, it was obviously a little confused. Is this a relative of his wife’s family? Haven’t heard of a relative of her family?

Although he was doubtful, he was still toasting according to courtesy, but Shao Qing said with a smile: "Congratulations to the groom, and give birth to a pair of big fat boys next year."

The groom’s iron egg laughed: "Thank the two leaders", and said he would walk to the next table of guests.

After the groom left, Qing Pingzi couldn’t help shaking his head and scolded: "You will come here."

Master Shaoqing said so, and he didn’t speak just to laugh.

The wine and vegetables on the table were indeed rich. A fierce meal was eaten. Shao Qing’s belly was drumming like a blowing sheepskin ball.

After three patrols, after the dishes, after the five flavors.

The guests who were sitting were almost left, and the sister -in -law and aunt who held things on the table also began to clean up the table.

Qing Pingzi looked at the apprentice who was still eating and drinking, and said, "Okay, it’s almost, and if you don’t leave the host, you will send guests."

Shao Qing looked at a chicken leg left on the table, grabbing into the cloth, and hurriedly followed Master.

Outside Wangjia Village, there was a dilapidated land temple, and Kiyoshi Kiyoshi planned to settle here at night before entering the village.

The two masters and apprentices packed the broken temple at will, and paved the straw and prepared to rest.

It’s night, Wangjia Village.

The groom’s iron egg was about to look at the bride Zhang Yanhua. When he was unveiling the red hijab, a dog called out suddenly outside the house.

I was so scared that the hand was about to unveil the red hijab, and then he screamed again.

"Wang Wang".

The other dogs in the village also screamed madly, and the bride Zhang Yanhua trembled at this time, and the two small hands held tightly in the sleeve.

Tie eggs were bored with dogs outside the door. At the critical moment, the dog was corrupt. He then appeaned his wife and said, "You wait a while in the house, and I go out and return the dog."

After that, the iron egg picked up a top stick from behind the door. After arriving outside the house, there was only a dark night.

He turned two laps in the yard, and he didn’t even see the root dog hair. He couldn’t help but puzzled him. He only heard the dog screaming in the house. Why did you come out?

At this moment, the bride Zhang Yanhua suddenly came from the house.

"Please, let me go."

After hearing it, I immediately copied the stick and ran to the house.

After entering the house, Zhang Yanhua, who was originally sitting on the bed. At this time, the red hijab fell on the ground, and she was lying on the bed side, as if she was lethargic.

The next morning, early morning.

The land temple outside the village, Qing Pingzi and his apprentice Shaoqing, were cleaning up and preparing to leave.

Come in was Wang Defu’s father and son, Zhang Huairen, and several people in the same village. They did not wait for the two masters and apprentices to ask about the intention. Wang Defu panicked and said: "Please save the daughter -in -law of my family and save my daughter -in -law."

Qingpingzi is a little puzzled. Didn’t your family daughter -in -law just entered the door yesterday?

Qing Pingzi appeared to be anxious, unlike a trivial matter, so he said, "Don’t worry. Slowly, Lao Dao can help not resign."

Subsequently, Wang Defu took the ins and outs of the matter.

This is to start with the Zhang family’s daughter who did not pass the door. When she returned to Xiao Zhangzhuang from the county seat that day, Zhang Yanhua met a huge yellow dog on the side of the dawn outside the village.

This yellow dog has half of the dogs in ordinary homes. It looks like a calf size. Zhang Yanhua is a girl’s house. Although he has raised dogs on weekdays, he has seen so big, and this big yellow dogBut it was blocked on the road of Zhang Yanhua.

The eyes of the yellow dog were even more like a person. Zhang Yanhua went back to the dilemma at this time. She took a step back, and the yellow dog stepped forward. This was about a moment.

When Huang Gou saw someone walking towards the village, he quickly disappeared in front of Zhang Yanhua, but he looked at Zhang Yanhua’s eyes before he walked, but made her have a nightmare at night.

In the dream, a man wearing a light yellow gown, although not handsome, is still more heroic than ordinary farm men.

Zhang Yanhua met the man in the dream. The man pursued her, and finally the two fell in love in the dream.

In the next few days, as long as Zhang Yanhua dreamed, the man would appear in his dreams. The dating of the two dreams made Zhang Yanhua taste the taste of love, so it was out of control.

One day in the dream, Zhang Yanhua had a date with the man. Suddenly the man told her that her surname was Huang, asked Zhang Yanhua to marry him, and agreed to come to the door after three days.

Zhang Yanhua, who woke up, didn’t believe everything in the dream, because she knew it was just a dream.

In this way, the time soon came three days later.

Although Zhang Yanhua did not believe in the agreement, she still had some fantasies in her heart. After all, the two were so loving in their dreams. If Huang Lang could come to mention from the dream, how beautiful it would be!

On the evening of the same day, Zhang Yanhua sat alone in the boudoir, and a dog barking came from outside the house.

Zhang Yanhua has been afraid of the dog’s scream when she heard the dog’s barking last time last time she encountered a big yellow dog on the road.

Late at night, Zhang Yanhua entered the dream as in the past, but she didn’t see Huang Lang appearing. When Zhang Yanhua looked around in the dream, her body suddenly felt that she was suppressed, and then she felt that her clothes were gradually falling off.When she panicked when she wanted to wake up from the dream, the voice of the man in Huangyi suddenly appeared in his dream.

The man in Huangyi said in his ear gently: "Don’t resist, don’t be afraid, I am your Huang Lang."

Zhang Yanhua heard the voice of Qinglang’s voice, and the original frightened emotions gradually stabilized. At this moment, she couldn’t distinguish between dreams or real.

That’s how Zhang Yanhua and Qinglang are Yunyu again. She feels that this time is more real and happy than before.

The next day, when she woke up in the morning, Zhang Yanhua suddenly felt the swelling and pain of her lower body. After she lifted the quilt, she saw a blood stain at the upper and lower body of the bed.

The light brownless hair was seen everywhere on the bed, and the scene and pain in front of her eyes finally made her feel uneasy.

He was very scared about Zhang Yanhua, and he could guess it may have something to do with the dream in the dream.

Time is fast, three months later.

Zhang Yanhua’s body gradually changed, her belly gradually bulged, and her mental state was stunned. Until one day she fainted, Zhang’s parents invited the doctor to see her.

After the doctor asked, after asking some of the situation, he smiled and said, "Don’t worry, your girlfriend is not a big deal, and it is still a happy event."

When the doctor said, Zhang’s parents were stunned, and then asked, "Doctor, what are you talking about, you say that you are confused."

When the doctor told the two about Zhang Yanhua’s three months of pregnancy, Zhang Father scolded the doctor’s quack.

Afterwards, I found another doctor. The result was still the same diagnosis, that is, March of pregnancy.

At this time, Zhang’s father had to believe, so after the doctor left, he grabbed his daughter to ask the truth.As well as

After Zhang Yanhua was persecuted, he said he and the man in Huangyi in the dream.

However, Zhang’s parents did not believe it at all. This is just nonsense.

The girl in the family happened to be drowned by saliva in the countryside. When Zhang’s father had no choice but to grab the girlfriend’s stomach, he was looking for an honest person to marry.

In this way, after the matchmaker, good things fell on the iron egg head.

At this time, Kiyoshi was clear at this time, and he had judged the cause of Zhang Yanhua’s pregnancy.

Wang Defu’s father and son were on fire. He looked at Zhang Huairen, who was ashamed of the latter. The latter’s shameful head did not dare to lift it. After all, the sin made by his daughter, and he knew that the offender married his daughter to iron eggs.

Seeing that the atmosphere at the scene became more and more tense, Wang Dafu’s father and son had to do it. Qing Pingzi said: "It’s better to solve things first."

Wang Zhang actually guessed that it was a blame in his heart, so he remembered the two Taoist priests at the wedding banquet that day.

The master and apprentice of Qingping followed everyone to Wangjia Village.

On the night of the day, Qingpingzi arranged for everyone not to approach the new house early, and only Zhang Yanhua was left in the room.

The time came late at night. Qing Pingzi and his apprentice Shao Qing were waiting in the partial house. Zhang Yanhua lying on the bed had also entered the dream. After a while, the door of the new house was opened. Although the sound was slightly subtle, the sound had not escaped from the old way.Ears.

Shao Qing asked with a very small voice: "Master, how long do you have to wait, it can’t come."

Qing Pingzi did not answer when he heard the words. Instead, he took out a bundle of red ropes from his body. There was a copper coin tied on the rope every other section, about ten meters.

Seeing this, Shao Qing also pulled out a copper mirror from his body. When he saw Master rushed into the bride’s room, he arranged according to the master’s arrangement, holding the copper mirror at the door to prevent things in the house from escaping.

When Qing Pingzi broke into the door, the bride on the bed was drowsy, but her bed was on the bed with a huge yellow dog.

Seeing that someone broke in, Huang Dog rushed to Qingpingzi under the bed.

The yellow dog is too large and scary. There are several adult men’s strength. The old way to see the yellow dog rushed to himself. He then easily avoided him. After the yellow dog hit, he twisted and bitten and bitten himself.Lao Dao thighs.

Don’t look at Lao Dao Qi Lao Eighty, but the body is indeed a few flexible.

The yellow dog hurts, and even more crazy to attack the old way, one person and one dog are not allowed in the house.

When Lao Dao was preparing to lock the yellow dog with money, he never thought he was dark in front of him, and the scene in the house completely changed.

Lao Dao couldn’t help but be shocked. It seems that the yellow dog has cultivated the Tao.

Lao Dao’s hands were told, thinking about spells in the mouth, and then moving regularly under his feet, the darkness in front of him faded.

Huang Gou seeing the obstacles he did not sleep in the old way, he knew the old way.

Turning around and fled outside the house, Shao Qing outside the door had long been impatient.

Just when Shao Qing heard Master in the house shouting, "Shao Qing keeps the door, and the evil beasts are going to escape."

Suddenly, a yellow dog was rushed out of the house, scaring Shao Qing: "Is this a dog?"

Although Shao Qing was shocked by the yellow dog’s body shape, the bronze mirror in his hand was not vague. After the copper mirror shot the yellow dog, its painful howl was passed on to the corner of the village.

The father and son of the Wang family, who were originally arranged, and the crowd were scared by the huge howl.

Yellow dogs are trying to break away from the bronze mirror, but the light yellow halo is like Taishan.

Just when Shao Qing watched Huang Dou being trapped, the yellow dog suddenly broke the halo and shrouded.

Facing the yellow dog rushing to him, Shao Qing had no Master ’s kung fu and body, and he had to pick out the wooden sword from his body.

The yellow dog can see that the wooden sword is not a thing, and then change the direction in the air in the air. It is not a fighting to rush outside the courtyard.

At this time, Lao Dao was chased from the house. When he saw that the yellow dog was about to escape, the money in his hand was thrown to the yellow dog.

Shao Qing immediately settled the yellow dog with a bronze mirror, so that he could not escape.

At this time, Lao Dao took the wooden sword in the land hand, and silently chanted the curse in his mouth, and then pierced into the heart of the yellow dog, and the yellow dog died several times.

Afterwards, Lao Dao asked the Wang family to burn the yellow dog, take the yellow dog into the water into the water, and serve Zhang Yanhua.

As a result, after Zhang Yanhua drank it, he kept vomiting and black blood. The original bulging abdomen gradually diminished, and Zhang Yanhua was completely fine three days later.

The father and son of the Wang family appreciated the two silver dollars for the two silver dollars, but they were rejected by Qing Pingzi.

To this end, Shao Qing was very angry, because he continued to be hungry every day.

The Zhang family proposed that the marriage contract can be invalidated, and the dowry of the daughter is not recovered, after all, it is wrong.

But Iron Egg said that since I am married, I won’t retreat, and I can live a good life in the future.

I believe that after this, Zhang Yanhua will cherish her husband’s tolerance and love, and the two must be happy and happy after marriage.

The next day, it was slightly bright.

Master and apprentices walking on the long countryside, the figures of the two go away!

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