One month after the wedding, the wife was beaten by her husband. Why did the observers say that it was a wife’s problem?

When you are young, have you been obsessed with men -like men.

I think such a man is attractive and suitable for his own boyfriend.

So the question is, what kind of experience is marrying a person with a stubborn personality?

Ms. Zhang really felt it. She admitted that she regretted her marriage for a month. She just ordered a milk, but caused her husband to fight.

Ms. Zhang and her husband, Mr. Liu, are free to fall in love. She has been a good girl since she was a child. She saw her husband’s free and easy character and was attracted.

She also knows that the gap between the two families is very large, and her family has good economic conditions. Although she lost her mother, her cultural father has a lot to accompany her and never lack her daughter’s life needs.

The brothers of Mr. Liu’s family were three older. He was the third child. The two brothers above were not separated after they got married. A family lived together.

When he was in love with Mr. Liu, because of a trivial matter, Mr. Liu moved with others. Ms. Zhang was not afraid, but felt that he was brave and could protect himself.

At the time of marriage, Ms. Zhang’s father told her that going to her mother -in -law to treat others friendly, took the initiative to be better to her mother -in -law, and could also replace the other party’s tolerance.

Ms. Zhang heard her father’s words. After she got married, she took the initiative to do housework and help her mother -in -law to reduce the burden. At that time, her salary with her husband was 38.6 yuan. She proposed to give a living expense of 50 yuan per month.

She thought that her dedication would get the in -laws’ acceptance of herself. I did not expect a trivial matter, which set off a stir.

In her mother’s house, Ms. Zhang had the habit of drinking milk. When she arrived at her mother’s house, she saw no one drinking, so she ordered a copy of her own.It’s too filial to go on, "

Not only that, her mother -in -law deliberately embarrassed her. The family did not wait for her to eat. When she returned from get off work, the food on the table was almost finished, and she also accused her of being ignorant.

Ms. Zhang did not understand how to order milk by herself, how could it affect others. Besides, she paid living expenses for eating. She was so angry that she had a mouthful. The husband stood up from the table.Dun, Ms. Liu failed to go out for a week, showing that the injury was seriously hurt.

She also thought about divorce, but considering her face, she turned back a few laps and went back at the door.

Ms. Zhang thought that her husband’s attitude would change after having a child.

When she was pregnant, her mother -in -law thought that she was a boy, but she was born as a girl. Ms. Zhang had just leaned out of the delivery room. She was weak and asked her husband to give herself hot water. She needed to wipe down her body.

The husband left the washbasin as soon as he fell, causing Ms. Zhang to hurt her. It turned out that her husband was not only emotional, but also a little male.

What makes Ms. Zhang is unacceptable is that her father encountered difficulties and wanted to borrow a sum of money to run to discuss with her husband. She was directly rejected.The sour sour rotten qi of the poor scholar. "

His father is Ms. Zhang’s idol. She has always been raised by her father. It is difficult to accept her husband’s insulting father. The two have made a difference of separation. In order to save the family, Mr. Liu took her to "Merit Mediation".Relationship.

From the perspective of the bystander, Ms. Zhang’s encounter is sympathetic, and her husband is irritable. Even he acknowledged that he couldn’t control herself when he encountered something.

Observer said:

"Mr. Liu’s question is on the surface, you can see at a glance, and Ms. Zhang’s problem is very hidden. Maybe even he did not realize that you do n’t love him, but just love the character image of yourself.Why do you know that when you are in love, you know that the other party has a tendency to violence, but there is no reason for leaving. His violence is wrong. You have never left, and it is even more wrong. "

Seeing blood, the observer’s words caused Ms. Zhang to be contemplated. Yeah, why did she know that there was a problem with the other party, but she never left?

This may be related to the education of the family. Ms. Zhang’s family has the aroma of books. His father is also a person who knows Shu De -rai. He has always taught his daughter to be kind, so that Ms. Zhang has also formed a rigorous, kind and unreliable living habit.

There is no doubt that Ms. Zhang is very good. Her excellence also makes her husband feel inferior and depressed. The dignity of big masculinity makes Mr. Liu want to maintain his face in front of his wife, and he will have some violent actions. His original intention may be that his original intention may beWinning his wife’s attention is actually playing a counterproductive effect.

Some psychologists believe that the more I am irritable in life, the more inferior in their hearts, the more inferior in their hearts, because they are unable to reflect their value.

When you meet such a man, you try to save him or find a sense of security on the other party, because through a irritable appearance, you will find that the other party is actually immature.

In life, there are not a few men with irritable personality.

When they were young, they were impulsive and rebellious, and they looked like a free and unruly guy, which also attracted the attention of some girls.

There is such a pair around me. The boy Xiao Zhao graduated from junior high school and loves his temper. The girl is beautiful as a factory flower. Many boys have pursued her. She likes Xiao Zhao.She is also willing.

Someone asked her what to look at the other party?The girl replied: "I like his cool look."

After marriage, Xiao Zhao still didn’t work well. The girl had no way to go to work when she gave birth to a child. There was no money to raise a child. The two often quarreled for money.? "

Then go to drink with a friend, not going home for a few days, making the girl hurt, she regrets it, but when she is still tolerated, when she sees her again, the skin on her face becomes black and yellow, and her eyes are not glorious.Going up is 10 years older than the actual age.

In this life, what kind of marriage chose to choose what kind of life chose.

Do n’t use your anger, thinking that love can change a person, you can say responsiblely that a man has a tendency to violence before marriage, and it is difficult to change after marriage, because he cannot control his emotions and does not know how to resolve negative energy. He can only use it.Violence to cover up his incompetence.

Here, I really recommend that girls know more about their lover before marriage. If the other party does not have their own opinions, it is a typical mother treasure man, or it is impulsive when you are in trouble.More passive.

Just like Ms. Zhang, she is a knowledgeable woman who has paid a lot for her in -laws, but has never been kindly treated by her husband. Now people are middle -aged, and then regret the original choice.Essence

What do you think of it?Can you tolerate men’s domestic violence?

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