One of the unreliable contraceptive methods

I have seen such a girl who hasn’t had menstruation for several months and went to the hospital to check.

"Is there a sexual life?" The doctor asked.

"No!" The answer did not hesitate for a moment.

However, the ultrasound result does show pregnancy, and the fetus has taken shape.

"Really no sexual life?"

"Well, just stunned outside, and did not shoot inside." The girl’s voice was obviously smaller than before.

After the examination, I found that the hymen did not rupture. Why did I get pregnant?

There is a contraceptive method called external ejaculation method, also called sexual intercourse interruption method.As early as 1400 BC, the Bible · Old Testament · Genesis of the Century recorded a person named "Russia" using the body radiation method (sexual intercourse interruption method). In China in the seventh century BC, this is also recorded in history books.Turbish method.

That is, men are nearly orgasm, and the penis is pulled out of the vagina in time before ejaculation, and semen is shot outside the vagina.

Data from Wikipedia, this contraceptive method is 4-22%of the accident within a year.

Some people think we are strange: How can the semen stay in the vagina, how can the sperm enter the uterus and fallopian tube through the cervix, and then meet the eggs?Is the sperm a "swimming general", can you find the vaginal entrance by yourself?

Of course not, the fact is this:

Before ejaculation, due to sexual excitement, a small part of the semen stored in the rear urethra will overflow with the contraction of the vas The tubular, and there are a lot of sperm in this part of the semen.Alas, as long as a small amount of semen flows through the vagina into the vagina, it is possible to get pregnant.

Therefore, this contraceptive method is unreliable.

Long -term use of this method contraception will not only get pregnant unexpectedly, but also damage the reproductive health of men:

This method is actually human interrupt sex. If you think about it, sexual life is a tense and orderly chain reaction of multiple organs throughout the body. Sudden interruption will inevitably lead to the sex center of the cerebral cortex and the function of various organs in the excited state.For abnormalities, it will cause anti -ejaculation, premature ejaculation, ejaculation delay, or even abnormal function of penile erectile function.

In summary, the in vitro radon method is not only unreliable, but also affects male reproductive health. It is not recommended as a conventional contraceptive method.

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