One side of the medicine helped the daughter -in -law dredging the tubes of the fallopian tube.

Last spring, I returned to my hometown to participate in the wedding banquet of relatives and children. The new wedding Yaner melted it. Later, I went to a step slowly. Relatives greeted me to sit at a table with her. There were three guests who were impressed by the feast.With his son -in -law, after being polite, the old man always mentioned how cute the child was, and the son -in -law’s daughter -in -law was silent. Seeing that the two were not answering, she visible to the naked eye, the voice of her words raised high

"I have been married for four or five years, and I have no children. I’ m having shame when I say it. As I ’m so big, the grandchildren of others have hugged several of them.

The daughter -in -law’s expression was stiff for a moment, and she lowered her head and ate silently. The son was very angry but lowered his voice. "Mom is a happy day of others, don’t sweep up." Relatives quickly persuaded. "Now young people are busy in their careers and want to stabilize.Children! Unlike our previous times, the sister -in -law, can’t urge it! "

However, the elderly people stared sharply at the daughter -in -law and said, "If you can’t cure it, you can’t cure it, just consider the divorce!", I was shocked, looked at her daughter -in -law, the beautiful face instantlyDu Tang, it seems that it will be broken in the next second

"Infertility disease?" A relative patted the thigh. "Oh, sister, you said early! We can have Chinese medicine that specializes in infertility on this table! The infertility of Liu Liu in the second uncle’s house is cured!" Relatives immediately immediatelyIntroduced me to the old man. The old man saw my eyes bright. "Just now you feel like a doctor, it turns out that, can Dr. Yang help to see if my daughter -in -law is infertile?"

I looked at her daughter -in -law Wen Sheng asked, "Have you ever done a check? Do you know the reason for infertility?"

Both sides are not smooth

It turned out that her daughter -in -law had no movement for a few years because the bilateral fallopian tube was not smooth. During the treatment, she took a lot of medicines and even performed the fluid surgery, but she had not been able to get pregnant.There are more and more opinions on the daughter -in -law. They think that she has not been pregnant for so long, but she can’t cure it. She always secretly puts on the divorce of the two. Fortunately, the son is loyal and short to protect the wife.

The girl showed me her photo photos. The fallopian tubes on the left and right sides did not have a smooth situation. I carefully looked at her tongue. The tongue was dull and stubborn.The situation, irregular menstruation, back pain and abdominal pain during the period, there are many leucorrhea after menstruation. Basically, she was disordered because she invaded the cell palace because of the disease and invasion of the cell palace.In fact, it is also relatively easy to condition. After all, this kind of pathogenesis is mainly stasis, so the treatment is mainly promoted and dredged, and the syndrome differentiation and subtraction can have a good effect.

So I told her the following group to let her write it down

Angelica, 3 A gun, Wulingzhi, Puhuang, Sanlin, Curdia, Road Tong, Sapoon Spaye, 蚣, Xiangfu, because she still has qi stagnation, so I added a few flavors of Sichuan sister -in -law,Tulip, woody, black medicine, decoction with water, two doses a day

This prescription is Angelica, Wulingzhi, Puhuang, Sanlong, Curdia promoted blood circulation and blood stasis, fragrant blood circulation and qi, it is a gas medicine in blood, 3 A cannon, roads, saponed thorns to clear the meridians, 蜈 Blood breaking blood breakingThrough the penetration, Chuanyuzi, Tulips, woody, Wuyao sparse liver and qi, and use it, which can promote blood circulation and stasis, Tongluo, and breaking her blocked condition

Chinese medicine 蜈

After I finished speaking, the old lady asked me, "Do Dr. Yang really use this? She has taken a lot of Chinese medicine." I went back to her "Just take it, and then adjust the recipe. After a course of treatment"

I thought about it and looked up, and watched the old lady seriously saying, "Do you know why your daughter -in -law hasn’t been pregnant for so long?" The old man wondered, I went on to say, "Because she is too stressful! You have been pressuredShe is very sad. The words of divorce often hang in her ear. She has a low emotional for a long time, and the stagnation of liver qi has increased the situation, so I have been pregnant. "If you want his grandchildren, you have to find a way to make her feel comfortable. Only when she is happy, can she conceive a good condition! The quarrel on pressure will only push your grandchildren farther and farther! "

The old man was a little ashamed, and her daughter -in -law looked up at me, very grateful

After about a course of treatment, I told her to go to the hospital for a review. The next day she told me excitedly that the results of the inspection came out, and the bilateral sides were unobstructed."

At the end of May, the old lady came to give me a brocade flag. She smiled and opened the news that her daughter -in -law gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix tires. Now the family takes care of her hands. She can only come here first.Can’t help laughing and laughing

"You are really blessed, the daughter -in -law is so beautiful, and there is a baby dragon and phoenix baby, you must care about it." She responded again and again, saying that the daughter -in -law and her daughter are the same.

Thank you

I always think that people who can become a family must have a very deep fate. It is not easy to come, and cherish it. The problems and contradictions need to be solved.When the child is sufficient, the child will come with great joy.

Medical skills can solve the limited, can cure skin pain, but it is difficult to do people’s hearts. It is just that the thought of people’s hearts is the source of many diseases. As a TCM doctor, all I can do is to wake up the hearts while treating.

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