Onion is the blood vessel clearing, lowering blood pressure?wrong!Reminder: None of these 3 kinds of food can reduce blood pressure

Uncle Hu, who is 55 -year -old, runs his own convenience store. He is free and comfortable. The disadvantage of the beauty is that a few years ago, he found that he had high blood pressure and could not eat randomly. Many deliciousness could not be enjoyed. This also became Uncle Hu’s heart disease.

Occasionally, Uncle Hu heard that the onion could reduce blood pressure, so Uncle Hu quickly stocked a batch of onions, and he ate two.After a period of time, Uncle Hu felt uncomfortable with his stomach and frequent abdominal pain. He had diarrhea as soon as he was eating. Nevertheless, Uncle Hu still insisted on eating onions.

The family found that Uncle Hu’s body was getting worse and worse. He urged him to go to the hospital for review, but found that Uncle Hu’s blood pressure was as high as 200/100mmHg. Obviously, Uncle Hu’s "onion plan" was not realized.

Onions are common foods in life. Some people think that onions can protect blood vessels, and some people think that onions can reduce blood pressure. Which one is correct, is the onion really good for blood vessels and blood pressure?

Onion, also known as jade, round green onions, balls, etc., belongs to the genus of Lily family. People eat the bulbs in the roots, stems, and leaf tissues, commonly known as "onion".

The ingredients contained in onions are very diverse. They are both protein, carbohydrates, selenium iron calcium and other minerals, soluble vitamins and other nutrients.Active plant chemicals.

Dr. Xu Jun, Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, once introduced: The onion does contain more health care elements.Inflammation and anti -thrombosis have a certain help to remove cholesterol to remove cholesterol.Horey also has a certain effect of anti -free radicals and anti -aging.

A variety of organic sulfides in onions can inhibit cholesterol, and to a certain extent can play a role in antiaicia and thrombosis.At the same time, some studies believe that sulfides and citrin molten albate may have a certain anti -tumor effect.Prostatin A can also expand blood vessels, which will help lower blood pressure and lower fat.Sulfur and soluble fibers help protect the stomach.

It can be seen that onions do have certain benefits to the human body, but onions cannot be eaten more.

Dr. Xu Jun reminded: From the perspective of health care, the effect of raw onions is better than cooked onions, but it is not advisable to eat more.At the same time, the sulfide and certain irritating substances contained in onions may stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines. Therefore, patients with gastrointestinal diseases or gastrointestinal surgery are best not to eat. Patients who are allergic to onions or patients with skin diseases should also be cautious.

Onion is a food with high nutritional value, but its role is exaggerated.The onion can reduce blood pressure, so that many patients are convinced of onion therapy, so delaying the condition. In fact, the onion cure is not advisable!

First of all, medical research does find that the dermatin, sulfide and prostaglandin A contained in onions are more beneficial to the human body, especially the regulation of blood vessels and blood pressure, but the extract and food itself are two concepts.How much beneficial extracts are contained in onions, whether it is sufficient to achieve effective doses, whether the digestion and absorption of the human body can satisfy this extraction, etc. These conditions have limited the role of onions on the human body.

Secondly, the "Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension Blood pressure in China" indeed emphasizes the importance of food therapy in non -drug therapy, but focuses on salt control and diet balance. Vegetables and fruits are still suitable.

In the end, hypertension is a long -term chronic disease. Compared with the weak effects of onions that cannot guarantee stability, antihypertensive drugs are the best way to control blood pressure, and it is also a necessity for the survival of patients with hypertension.You can use dietary therapy as auxiliary, but you must distinguish the main and second!

With the popularity of the Internet, the number of lower -voltage foods discovered from the Internet also increases. Onions are not "a unique show", and some people say that celery, red wine, and vinegar food have also had antihypertensive effects.

1. Celery

Some animal experiments did find celery extracts-fragrance and celery, which is good for regulating blood pressure.However, the concept of extract and food itself is different. To achieve the effective dose in the experiment, you also need to eat a lot of celery. It is also unrealistic to ensure that the human body is absorbed. Besides, there is a huge gap between animal experiments and the human body.

2. Red wine

The resveratrol contained in red wine is indeed good for blood pressure, but alcohol hurts the body. Even if drinking 24 hours a day, you can really drink an effective dose. The damage caused by alcohol is far beyond the benefits.

3. Vinegar bubble food

As a edible flavoring agent, vinegar can only have flavor characteristics with its food, but it does not produce new substances. The vinegar itself does not soften the blood vessels. Therefore, vinegar soaked food is more unreliable than the above.

These so -called "antihypertensive recipes" all have some commonality. In their descriptions, they will mention "animal experiments, cell experiments, extracts" and so on.Blind knowledge gives people a credible illusion.

Although the so -called antihypertensive foods are very unreliable, as a general health problem of contemporary people, hypertension should still be actively dropped and must not be ignored.These 4 things really help you reduce blood pressure!

1. Pay attention to the diet and make up for potassium appropriately

Pay attention to dietary balance in diet, and control salt intake at the same time, especially paying attention to hidden salt, such as: Douban sauce, monosodium glutamate, and snacks.At the same time, potassium supplements should be supplemented in an appropriate amount. Studies in many countries have found that potassium helps to assist blood pressure.

The 2012 China Urban and Rural Survey found that the average daily intake of potassium in residents was about 1.6 grams of potassium, and the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommended to prevent high blood pressure. Adults are best to consume 3.6 grams per day, so you can eat more high potassium.Food, increase potassium intake.

2. Hypertension in the morning, get out of bed again in the event

Blood pressure rises significantly in the morning. It is best not to get up immediately or exercise. You can rest for a while. You can get up slowly after 15 minutes on the bed.Essence

3. Positional hypotension, it is recommended to sleep high pillows

Patients with orthodox hypotension often feel rotated after sitting or lying down, and it is dark. It is recommended to raise pillows during sleep. It is also helpful to try to wear tight stretch socks and pants.

4. Hold blood pressure after meals, take antihypertensive drugs between two meals

After meals, hypotension will have symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and sleepiness. It is recommended to take antihypertensive drugs between two meals. After a meal, rest for 10-20 minutes before moving.At the same time, pay attention to diet to reduce water and salt intake.

The problem of blood pressure is becoming more and more common. It is a good phenomenon that the public attaches importance to lowering blood pressure and preventing hypertension. HoweverLearn from authoritative channels to understand relevant information.

At present, diet therapy can indeed be used as auxiliary means to help control blood pressure, but regular antihypertensive treatment cannot be relaxed!

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