Only one sperm can conceive, where are the other hundreds of millions of sperm, many people have made mistakes

Women will have a ovulation period every month. Sexual life can be "won" before and after. However, every time the number of sperm in women entering women is tens of millions, why is it only spoiled alone?Where are there so many sperm left?

Sperm is mainly composed of top bodies, cell membranes, nucleus, sperm characteristic spiral mitochondria, and flagron.The top body contains the solubility. When the sperm is in contact with the egg, the solubility is released, and the transparent band of the bonding egg binds to the egg to form fertilized eggs.

Men’s one -time sperm volume is about 3 to 5 ml, which contains about 40 million to 120 million sperm. However, there will be only one lucky man who can "fit" with the egg each time. Then, where are the remaining sperm going?Is it?

In fact, sperm needs to experience the eggs to experience thousands of mountains and rivers.Thousands of sperm will face these three "destiny":

· Excess body

In fact, not all sperm has the opportunity to enter women’s body.The sperm contained in the sperm has no chance to see the egg.

· Exhausted

The combination of sperm and eggs is a marathon. According to research, the length of a sperm is about 60 microns, and the distance of "expedition" is 200,000 microns. It takes more than 2 hours to walk to the end.Get the favor of eggs.


Because the pH of the semen is 7.2 to 7.8, and the pH value of the yin road is about 4.0, for most sperm, most of the acidity of "unbearable" is "sour" directly.

In addition, only one ovulation is lined up at a time, so the fastest sperm is combined with the egg, which will trigger the transparent bag around the eggs to change, forming a "protective wall" to block other sperm outside.

So, how long can sperm survive after entering women?

In fact, sperm enters women’s body, and the survival time is longer than the eggs, about 2 to 3 days, but after the sperm enters the female body, three places must be passed: yin, cervix, and tubal.They are all different.

Yin Road: The survival time of sperm in Yin Road is about 2 hours after sexual intercourse, but in about 2 hours, 90%of sperm will be eliminated.The faster.

Cervical: The sperm stays at the cervix the longest. After 15 minutes after the sexual intercourse is over, you can find sperm in the cervical mucus. Until 36 hours, a quarter of sperm survivesVarious nutrients such as sugar, salt and vitamins provide energy for sperm activities.

Inside the fallopian tube: Because the sperm can encounter eggs within 72 hours, it can be combined with fertilized eggs. Sperm will die after this time, and you cannot be combined with the eggs or you cannot get pregnant.

Therefore, the sperm survives in the fallopian tube only 15-30 minutes, and the egg itself does not have the ability to move. Its movement depends on the contraction of the smooth and slippery muscles of the fallopian tube and the cilia of the skin.Internal and inverse sperm are combined with fertilization. The fertilized eggs are passively moved into the uterine cavity. In the endometrium in the uterus, the new life begins.

Can sperm be successfully combined with eggs, and sperm quality is important. So, how can we improve sperm quality?

If you want to improve sperm quality, you must do these points in daily life:

Less sauna: Sperm is extremely sensitive to the temperature of the yin sac. Men often go to sauna or do steaming baths, which will reduce sperm quality. Long -term hot bathing is also an unsuitable way.

Quit smoking and alcohol: Tobacco and alcohol will affect the quality of sperm. If you plan to ask a child, quit smoking and drinking at least three months in advance.

Multi -exercise: exercise can not only maintain healthy physical strength, but also maintain weight.Studies have shown that excessive obesity can lead to rising temperature at the groin and reducing the quality of sperm, which will cause infertility in severe cases.

Eat more zinc -containing foods: a good diet can also improve the quality of sperm, especially foods rich in zinc, such as chicken, fish, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that zinc -containing food has the effect of nourishing the kidney, and Western medicine also shows that zinc -rich foods can increase the number of sperm, which is beneficial to the health of the prostate.

Relax mentality: The most important thing is to maintain a pleasant mood and relax.Excessive mental stress will also affect the quality of sperm. Do not bring excessive purposes, let it go, and "pregnancy" will naturally come.

In addition, maintaining sufficient sleep can also improve sperm quality.

Of course, whether it can be successful, eggs are also extremely important. Women have only 400 to 500 eggs in their lives that can develop and be discharged.

In other words, women’s ovulation periods are about 30 years. Therefore, grasping ovulation during ovulation can be used for conception, the chance of success can be greatly improved. Women maintain a healthy living habits and the chance of successful pregnancy will be greatly improved!

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