Oops!What should I do if I accidentally drink after pregnancy?

[Mom.com special manuscript] People are in the workplace and can’t help themselves.There are more and more women in the workplace, and it is inevitable to drink alcohol entertainment.In the early pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy are not obvious. Many women drink alcohol without knowing their pregnancy and do not want to lose this baby, but they are worried that alcohol has an impact on the health of the baby. I do n’t know how to choose.

Pigs loved by mom netizens: YJ started on December 2 last time. Later, she was conceived unexpectedly. I didn’t know it at all. On December 30, I drank a lot of red wine and beer during the department dinner.I am now worried about whether it will affect the fetus.Let’s help me, what should I do now?Intersection

In fact, there are really many cases, which is indeed infinitely tangled.

1. Can you drink after pregnancy?The answer is definitely not!

Drinking after pregnancy is an irresponsible behavior of the fetus

Alcohol damage to pregnant women is beyond doubt.According to research, after drinking, alcohol can enter the placenta through the blood, which may cause the fetus to develop slowly. A large amount of alcohol may cause fetal malformations or dysplasia of the nervous system, which causes low intelligence.Studies have shown that the incidence of certain diseases of infants who drink during pregnancy during pregnancy is higher than that of babies under the gynecology of pregnant women without drinking.Moreover, drinking may also cause abortion.

The influence is mainly related to the amount of drinking, the frequency of drinking, and the ability to decompose and filtering alcohol by pregnant women themselves.

Therefore, if you already know that you are pregnant and decided to continue to grow your baby, the pregnant woman cannot drink anymore, and the mistakes can be forgiven, but knowing that you can’t do it, then it will not work!But as the above one said, what should I do if I do n’t know if I drink it?

2. What should I do if I accidentally drink?

1. Stabilize the mentality, don’t worry too much

Checking during pregnancy can master the development of the fetus

Conception is a surviving process. Only the best eggs and the most powerful sperm can be combined into fertilized eggs. After layer of resistance, can we enter the uterus and develop into embryos.If pregnant women drink alcohol without knowing, their bodies will decompose and filter out some alcohol.For the fetus, this is a surviving process. If your baby is "alcoholic" when you are pregnant early, you don’t know if you quietly flow away.But now that the fetus can survive, it means that it has passed through the choice of nature. It is your strong child. Don’t worry too much. It is harmful to the fetus for a long time.

Mom netizen Liang Liang: I was 30 days pregnant. I also drank a lot of wine at the party, and then became a red dot as allergic to the whole body as before.Then I went to Hong Kong to play without knowing it.After I came back, I found that I was pregnant.Now the baby is 1 year old and 4 months old.I don’t know how healthy is it.

2. Ask the doctor and check carefully

If you accidentally drink in the early pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to determine whether it is an ectopic pregnancy and a threatened abortion.And informed the doctor about the drinking situation, including the time, frequency, the amount of drinking, etc., so that the doctor had a record and did some targeted examinations.Of course, each test during pregnancy is indispensable, so that the baby’s development can be fully monitored.

3. Add more vitamins, supplement folic acid

Vitamins are very important for babies’ growth and development, which can greatly reduce the incidence of fetal malformations.The best way to supplement vitamins is to get food from food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and change patterns every day.And according to the requirements of doctors, folic acid can effectively prevent fetal malformations, reduce the probability of defects, and promote the healthy development of the baby.

Cabbage, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. are all vegetables rich in vitamins

4. Which foods should not be eaten

Do not eat pickled or canned food, because it contains a large amount of carcinogen or preservatives, which has an impact on the fetus.Eat less foods with too much fat, such as fried foods, fatty meat, etc.In addition, irritating drinks, such as coffee, strong tea, cola, etc., try not to eat.There is no need to deliberately supplement during pregnancy. Supplements such as ginseng and velvet antler may not be good for pregnant women and fetuses, and they may also increase their physical burden on pregnant women.

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