Optional hormone ointment for eczema medicine during pregnancy

According to clinical statistics, about 5%of women will have eczema during pregnancy. Pregnant women are prone to eczema are mainly related to endocrine changes during pregnancy.Eczema pregnant women often occur after 6 months of pregnancy or after giving birth to children.During this time, the estrogen and progesterone in the mother’s body will increase, the body is easy to dry, the immunity decreases, and the emotional instability is prone to cause eczema symptoms.

Eczema of pregnant women can occur in any part of the body, but it is better at facial, head, ear, calf, armpit, elbow fossa, feet, etc. The cause of the onset is not clear, and allergies may be the main cause of the disease.Generally speaking, after the eczema grows, the skin is a small red pimples or red spots that emit or set at first, and gradually increase, and small blisters, yellow and white scales and scalp skin can be seen.

Under normal circumstances, skin lesions are symmetrical and itching is obvious. After scratching, it can cause erosion, exudation, scabs, and severely affect the scalp and the entire face and even the whole body.After secondary infection, pustules can be seen, and local lymph nodes are enlarged and fever.

Pregnant women must first keep the skin moist and cool. If the skin temperature is too high, it is not conducive to the healing of eczema.Therefore, the pregnant mother who has eczema should turn on the air conditioner in the summer, and cannot let you sweat, otherwise it is difficult to cure eczema.Pay attention to sun protection, sunlight irradiation can easily induce repeated attacks of eczema.

Pay attention to other life details.For example, when choosing a cleaning agent for clothes, be careful not to choose alkaline cleaning agents containing chemical ingredients, and a mild and low -sensitive variety.It is also necessary to avoid direct contact with the stimulus of chemicals. Usually, expectant mothers should avoid too hot water when taking a bath. At the same time, you should immediately apply moisturizing oil to the whole body after washing. You can choose a baby bath to skin care and use a low -sensitive skin cream.In addition, it is necessary to avoid physical stimulation, such as friction.Chemical fiber, hair, hemp, and silk clothes cannot be worn. It is best to choose pure cotton, breathable, soft clothes.Diet should be light, avoid spicy and greasy food.

If the pregnant mother has taken care in all aspects and the eczema has not been seen yet, she needs to consider the medication.Specific mothers are special during pregnancy, and they must be cautious in medication.The first choice of drugs should be hormone topical ointment.The ointment must be used from weak hormones, such as loose (Yizhuer) with hydrogenation, or Mimyon (Eloson).Do not take a large amount of medication for a long time. After short -term medication, once the symptoms are controlled, you should only use moisturizing and moisturizing cream to care for the skin to keep the skin moisturize, because the skin of eczema is afraid of dryness.

The editor reminds you that it is best to ban hormone ointments in early days of pregnant women.The course of eczema for pregnant women can last for several months, and the disease period can be relieved by themselves after childbirth.

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