Oral: My boyfriend is unwilling to get married. Should I be pregnant secretly, do I force my marriage?


When my boyfriend Zheng Mukang watched the drama in the sofa at night, the ringing sound rang. I grabbed the phone and looked at it. It was my mother’s call. I quickly sat down and pressed the answer key.

"Hey, mom, have you eaten?"

"Eat, Xiaoting, do you have a holiday on the Dragon Boat Festival? Do you bring a Xiaokang back?"

I glanced at Zheng Mukang sideways and said, "I’m not sure that the company will take a few days off when it comes to the time, and decide to see the situation."

"You have been in love with Xiaokang for three years, and you should also take time to arrange for the parents of both parties to meet, and then discuss marriage … While I am now good, I can bring you children … avoid …"

"Mom, mom, I know, you don’t need to say it anymore, we are going to watch a movie now, and talk to you when you have time, hang it."

After I finished, I hung up the phone quickly without waiting for my mother to respond.

Without waiting for me to speak, Zheng Mukang asked first: "Your mother urges us to get married again?"

"Yeah … she asked me to take you back to my hometown on the Dragon Boat Festival … Would you like to go back with me?"

Since my mother retired two months ago, I have called every three differences to let me get married and pregnant, and let her hug her grandson.

It’s just that this marriage and child are not what I can do alone. No one cooperates, what can I do.

Sure enough, Zheng Mukang shook his head and refused directly, "Don’t, I dare not see your parents … I will definitely force to get married immediately when I see it."

When I heard, I frowned and asked very seriously: "Do you plan to never see my parents?"

"We don’t get married, just fall in love, what parents? I have told you this time, isn’t it?"

Yes, Zheng Mukang told us that the two of us had only loved and not married before falling in love.But I thought he was talking about it. After we were together, we could reverse his thoughts.


Zheng Mukang and I were colleagues. He entered the company earlier than me. He was a teacher who took me internship.

I am a little poor understanding and adaptability. When I first arrived in the company, I always did something wrong, and often criticized the leadership.

Even Zheng Mukang had to be scolded.

For this reason, I feel very guilty, and even feel that I am not suitable for this job and want to leave automatically.

Zheng Mukang comforted my newcomers to learn and adapt, and boasted that I did something carefully and gave myself confident that I would be better in the future …

Under his comfort and continuing guidance, I slowly integrated into the company, improved my skills, made my work well, and turned smoothly.

Zheng Mukang and I often partnered with customers, traveling on a business trip, and the relationship became more and harmonious in the day and night, surpassing the friendship of ordinary colleagues.

He has no girlfriend, I have no boyfriend, and my colleagues have fun with our relationship from time to time.

I blushed, and Zheng Mukang smiled without talking.

I naturally moved to Zheng Mukang, and I also felt that he cared and took care of me, full of love.

But he just said slowly.

Later, on his birthday, I bought him a brand suit for one month’s salary as a birthday gift.

I also gathered the courage, telling him about his admiration, and asking him to like me or not.


Zheng Mukang nodded and said he liked me.

But I have n’t had time to be happy, and he frowned again: "Little 鹊, I admit that I like you, but I do n’t believe in marriage, and I wo n’t get married.”

"Ah? Why?"

He smiled bitterly, "My parents have quarreled every day, and they always took me out of breath. I think that home is not a home, my parents are not parents … In my early days, my parents divorced, and my parents divorced.I was relieved in my heart … so when I grew up, I decided that I would not get married in this life. "

I felt very distressed by his previous encounters, and wanted to bring him happiness and make up for the lack of love for childhood.

"Not all marriage in the world is like that, and there will be happy families. We must have confidence in ourselves. Maybe we are together and can form a warm and happy home."

"Xiao Yan, don’t you need to persuade me, I will not enter the marriage …"

After I listened, my tears slipped instantly.

He saw me crying, a little panicked, and hurriedly said, "Don’t cry … don’t cry … If you really like me, then we can fall in love and not get married … Someday you want to get married, we will divide …… "

I didn’t wait for Zheng Mukang to finish the words, so I rushed to his arms excitedly, "I have to stay with you, never break up."

In this way, we became couples and started sweet love.


After a blink of an eye, it passed three years. During this period, Zheng Mukang and I had quarreled and had a cold war, but the relationship was still good.

My classmates and friends around me have been born one after another, and some second -born babies have given birth.

Coupled with the urging marriage that parents and relatives showed their marriage, I also felt that I and Zheng Mukang should also enter the next stage of life.

He didn’t even mention it, I knocked on the side, and he didn’t take the move.

My parents were getting tighter and tighter, and I had to tell him that his rejection, he still insisted on the concept of not getting married.

He also showed that if I want to get married, find someone else.

His disregarded attitude was deeply stimulated to me.

I was uncomfortable and painful, thinking that I was good to him. Our feelings can make him come into the palace of marriage. As a result, I think too much.

I dare not say Zheng Mugang’s thoughts directly to my parents. After they know, they must have forced me to break up.

I talked to friends. Everyone said that the man who didn’t want to get married was playing hooligan. He was an irresponsible scumbag. I advised me to leave and find a good man to marry.

I broke up, I couldn’t bear it; I continued, I couldn’t get the life I wanted.

I asked Zheng Mukang who loved me. He said love, the person I love the most in this life is me.

But I asked him to marry me, he just didn’t want to.

He said that his feelings were good. You don’t have to care about that piece of paper. We will talk about love for a lifetime.

I really don’t know how to choose now. I want to get married, want to be a mother, but I don’t want to leave Zheng Mukang.

If I secretly pregnancy, would he look at the child to marry me and give us a home?

Speaker: Xiao Yan

“Marriage Cultivation Book”

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