Ovulation test strip and pregnancy

Finding the ovulation period is an important factor in successful conception. So how should you catch your ovulation time?

How should the so -called ovulation test strip be used?

Let’s introduce the use of ovulation test strips today.

What are the detection principles of ovulation test strips?

Generally speaking, the first 5 days, the day and the next 4 days of the ovulation day belong to the ovulation period, and it is easier to conceive.Before and after ovulation, the value of the luteal formation in the body will reach its peak.

The ovulation test strip is to determine whether it is in the ovulation period by detecting the content of luteal production in the body.

The use of ovulation test strips is believed to be what every pregnant mother wants to know.

First of all, we need to know that the ovulation day is usually about 14 days before the next menstruation.

If you want to grasp the ovulation day, the ovulation measurement needs to be the first step. It is best to start at 17 and 18 days before menstruation, and test it once a day.

The sample of the ovulation test strip is urine. In order to ensure the accuracy of the results, it is recommended to test it at the same time every day. The detection time is best between 10 am and 8 o’clock in the morning.

In addition, do not drink water within 2 hours before the test.

During the test, collect the urine with a dry and clean container, and immerse the test strip with the end of the MAX arrow logo line. Pay attention not to the depth of the sign. Do not exceed the logo line.After 3 seconds, take out the test strip and put it for about 10 minutes to observe it.

However, it is only about the use of most test strips. Sometimes there may be a slight difference between different brands, so you need to read the instructions carefully before use.

There are three possibilities for ovulation test strips: negative, positive and invalid.

Under normal circumstances, there will be two bars on the test strip after testing, closer to the detection line of MAX arrows, and a control line that is far from the arrow.

If there is no detection line, or the color of the detection line is obviously lighter than the diameter, the result is negative, indicating that it is not in the ovulation period at this time.

If the color of the detection line is the same as the control line, or even deeper than the diameter line, then it is positive.

When the positive is measured, it is best to shorten the detection interval, and measure it every 4 to 6 hours until the peak value of the darker color is detected.

Ovulation occurred within 24 to 36 hours when Qiangyang turned weak.

If there is no control line, it means that the result is invalid, it may be that the use method is wrong, or the test strip is invalid, and you need to test it again.

However, the preparation mothers must also know that the accuracy of ovulation test strips is not 100 %.Medical ovulation test strip is only a preliminary screening method for monitoring ovulation. If you want to be accurately determined, you need to use B ultrasound and other means.

However, in daily life, ovulation test strips are still an important means to predict ovulation. If it is only to monitor the ovulation period to better prepare for pregnancy, the ovulation test strip is a good choice.

The test strip test is auxiliary, and the ovulation period can be used to prepare better pregnancy.

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