Parenting said: After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have stretch marks, and they are very itchy. What should I do?

Although pregnancy is a very happy thing, during the process of pregnancy, pregnant mothers also need to overcome many difficulties, such as nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy. Although these early pregnancy reactions are uncomfortable, they willSlowly relieve, the most sad thing is the late pregnancy. As the baby keeps growing up, pregnant mothers must not only bear all kinds of discomfort, such as lumbar pain and nighturia.There is an ugly stretch marks. This is definitely a "major disaster" for you who love beauty. When dark red or purple stretch marks appear belly, thighs, and back waist, many pregnant women will also have itching and other problems, which will seriously affect pregnant women.Normal life.

So, how should the stretch marks be itchy and itchy, how should it be correct?

1. Wear loose and breathable clothes to avoid excessive irritation

The stretch marks are a kind of skin expansion pattern formed by the elastic fiber and collagen fiber damage of the skin. The skin is very thin, which is very sensitive to the external stimulus.Therefore, it is recommended to be as loose and breathable cotton clothing as possible to avoid excessive stimulation of the skin with obvious itching.

2. Local cold compresses, do not catch too much

When stretch marks itchy, try not to use nails to over -scratch, because bacteria in the seams of the nails are generally prone to secondary bacterial infection when scratching causes skin damage, threatening the health of you and the fetus.You can choose to soak the towel with cold water at 25-30 ° C, and then use a local cold compress method to relieve the symptoms of itching.

3. Reasonable use of drugs

If itching is severe and seriously affects the sleep and daily life of pregnant women, under the guidance of doctors, some drugs can be used locally. These drugs generally only act on local skin and will not directly affect the fetus. Pregnant women can use it appropriately.

4. Find something for yourself and divert your attention

If the itch caused by stretch marks, you can still tolerate it. You can choose what you like to do, or invest in your own work, and transfer your attention appropriately to avoid excessive scratching stimuli.When stretch marks itch, we should choose to handle properly. So what else can I do in life about stretch marks?

What should I pay attention to about stretch marks?

1. Healthy diet, sufficient sleep

Avoid too much sweets and fried foods during pregnancy, eat more vegetables and fruits and high -quality protein, and need enough drinking water. This can improve the dry and relaxing state, increase the elasticity of the skin, and reduce the emergence of stretch marks.

2. Appropriate exercise to avoid excessive weight growth

In the case of physical conditions during pregnancy, it is recommended to exercise appropriately to avoid sedentary, lying or long -standing.

Appropriate exercise can not only exercise the muscles, but also increase skin elasticity, but also avoid excessive weight growth. This can prevent the appearance of stretch marks or a large number of occurrences in a short time.

3. Prevention -based, do skin care well

Affected by hormones during pregnancy, many pregnant women’s skin status will change greatly. While paying attention to face care, pregnant women should also do a good job of skin care.Do not overheat the bath water. Try to use neutral bath milk to reduce the use of alkaline soap. Take a bath 2-3 times a week in winter. After bathing, apply your body milk to the whole body.

After pregnancy, stretch marks should be prevented, and the prevention of stretch marks must be done from early pregnancy. Use word of mouth to prevent the moisturizing oil of stretch marks, or olive oil.Massage of stretch marks.Most pregnant women insist on massage every day can have a good effect.

The emergence of stretch marks has something to do with many factors such as hormone levels, genetics, and weight. In addition to affecting the beauty, it has no direct impact on the health of you and your baby, so you don’t have to worry too much.Pregnant mothers pay attention to use the correct way to relieve symptoms and do daily care to prevent stretch marks.

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