Parenting said: In the late pregnancy, there was a situation of milk overflow. Is this normal?

Pregnancy is a magical thing. Not only will pregnant women gain weight every day, but some parts of the body will change.There are many pregnant mothers who find that their nipples will flow out when they find their nipples, especially for novice mothers. This situation will make them very worried.What is the case?Before the due date, the rations were the first to report. It really confirmed that such a sentence, "The soldiers and horses are not moved, and the grain and grass do first"!

This situation is known as a milk overflow. Most people think that only occur during breastfeeding, but some women have had milk overflow during pregnancy.Women have gradually developed maturity by complex nerve endocrine such as hormones such as hormones in the body after pregnancy.By the third trimester, it has been fully prepared for the secretion of milk. Normally, there will be no milk secretion before childbirth, but there is still something else.Pregnant mothers overflow their breasts during pregnancy. This is also normal, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry.Due to individual differences, some pregnant women will have milk overflow in the third trimester or even in the middle of pregnancy. The amount of milk overflows is less. As long as there is no other abnormal symptoms, it is normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy.Worry.

Why does it occur in the third trimester of pregnancy

During pregnancy, as the placenta secretes a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, these hormones will stimulate the breasts to develop again. The breasts and nipples of pregnant women will gradually increase as the gestational weeks will grow, and the areola will become larger and the color will become deeper during pregnancy.Pyrtopathy also secrete prolactin. When the concentration of prolactin in the blood reaches a certain level, it stimulates the breast secretion.

Because of the high concentration of progesterone in the body in the secondary pregnancy, it has a suppressing effect on lactation, so it will not be as large -lactated as after childbirth.If the amount of prolactin in pregnant women has a large amount of prolactin or the body is more sensitive to hormones, a small amount of lactation will occur during pregnancy. This is a normal manifestation. Don’t worry. At this time, the milk secreted is generally thin, transparent or pale yellowWhen there is a lot of secretion, you can soak underwear, which can be dripped after squeezing.When the lactal amount is less, it only occurs only when massage the breast.

How to deal with milk overflow in the third trimester

The milk overflowing during pregnancy also contains rich protein and sugar substances. If it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to breed bacteria when the temperature is high, causing skin or breast infections.Dry and do a good job of breast massage care. It is recommended to wear loose underwear. Do not pinch the nipples and knead the breasts to prevent contractions.For a long time, in addition to cleaning and nursing breasts daily, it is recommended that pregnant women change their bras in time, and it is best to choose a lactating breast without steel rings.If you have a certain impact on daily life, you can use anti -milk pads if necessary, and replace the anti -cream pads in time.

Precautions for milk overflow

1. Hyperminemia

If the milk overflow during pregnancy is severe, and the amount of lactation in the gestational week continues to increase, then it is necessary to go to the hospital for medical examination in time to do a related examination to be alert to hyperburnemia.

2. Breast disease

Milk milk during pregnancy is mostly colorless transparent or pale yellow thin liquid. When the secretions of the breast presenting abnormal colors or state, such as blood -based secretions, purulent secretions or other forms, you need to seek medical treatment in time to improve the relevant examination.

Not only do you need to learn breast massage care during pregnancy, you also need to learn about breast self -examination methods. If you find that the mammary glands have a tendency to increase the lumps and the mass of the masses, accompanied by or not with the increase of armpit lymph nodes, you need to go to the hospital in time.Be wary of breast -related diseases.

Under normal circumstances, lactation during pregnancy is a common physiological phenomenon. It has no adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much, and the "colostrum" wasted during pregnancy will not affect the first babies of postpartum babies.Create milk is a sufficient manifestation of the baby’s granary!

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