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The intraurator device (IUD) is a contraceptive device placed in the uterine cavity. Since the initial use of the initial use of the device is mostly circular, usually called the birth ring.Compared with contraceptive methods such as eating contraceptives and wearing condoms, the "Shang Ring" has the advantages of safe, effective, reversible, simple, and economical. It is also a common choice for women in my country.According to statistics, my country accounts for 80%of the total number of IUD contraceptions in the world, and is the country with the most IUDs in the world.Although there are many benefits, many women still have many questions.


What is the advantage of Shekuan?

The side effects of the upper ring are relatively small, and most people can use it.Some contraceptives containing hormones may bring menstrual abnormalities.It is also not suitable for patients with breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids.There is no impact on sexual life, harmless to the body, and long contraception, simple placement, small pain, the effect of contraception after placing, does not affect fertility. When contraceptives need to have birth, take out the birth ring to take out the node ring.Restore fertility.


What are the types of IUD?

The IUD used clinically is divided into two types, one is inert IUD, which is the first generation of products. It is made of inert raw materials such as metal and silicone. The domestic stainless steel ring is eliminated in 1993.The other is the active IUD, which contains active substances such as copper ions, hormones, drugs and magnetic substances, etc., to improve contraceptive effects and reduce side effects.Now we are widely used in clinical use of copper IUD and drug mitigation in the palace internal healther. In addition to good contraceptive effects, the side effects are small, and the internal babies with a medicinal mild release can also play a symptomatic role in treating symptomatic treatment.Woolen cloth.


What is the best time for Sheung Wan?

① 3-7 days after menstruation is clean.

② Those with menstrual delays or amenorrhea during lactation shall be excluded after pregnancy.

③ 42 days after giving birth have been clean, the perineal injury mouth has healed, and the uterus returns to normal.

④ After the abortion and tong scraping, the palace was cleared within 24 hours after the abortion.

⑤ Six months after cesarean section.


Is there any side effects in Shanghuan?

There are side effects on the Sheung Wan, but the size of the side effects is also different according to the different personal constitution.The common side effects of Sheung Wan are menstrual abnormalities, which are mainly manifested in the increased volume. The menstrual period is prolonged or a small amount of bleeding, and it is recovered after 3-6 months.A small number of patients will increase leucorrhea after on the board, and lower abdomen tenderness. If they have discomfort for a long time after the upper ring, they need to seek medical treatment immediately.


Can the "lifetime ring" stay in the body for a lifetime?

Can’t.Regardless of the "ring", there is a life limit. The expired birthplaces will lose their medicinal properties, and some brackets are eclipsed and broken. The most direct consequences are: unable to play a contraceptive effect. Once you are pregnant, you will bring a ring of pregnancy, andOver time, it may also lead to uterine cavity infection.It is not taken out after menopause, which is very dangerous.After menopause, the uterus gradually shrinks, and the breeding ring is gradually embedded in the meat of the uterine wall, causing abdominal pain, bleeding, infection, pus, and even helping the uterine wall and leaving to the outside of the uterus, so it will hurt others in the abdominal cavity.Once the organs.


Who needs to take the ring?

① Woman who intends to get pregnant.

② Within 1 year of menstruation during the menstrual transition period, take the ring too early and may be pregnant again; too late, the birth ring changes in the atrophic uterine cavity.Shape, incarceration, stimulating uterus, causing discomfort such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and infection, it is difficult to take ring.

③ Those who need to be replaced during the expiration of the birthplace. The copper wire T-shaped ring is generally placed for 5-7 years, and the metal ring is generally placed for 20 years.

④ Use other contraceptive methods or sterilization.

⑤ Irregular vaginal bleeding, large menstrual flow, increased leucorrhea, lumbar and abdominal pain after the ring, and abdominal pain, etc. After treatment is invalid.

⑥ Bringing pregnancy, at this time, the birthplace loses the contraceptive effect.

⑦The abnormalities such as deformation, break, abnormal level, and incarceration.


When is it better to take the ring?

① Women after menopause can take the ring at any time.

② If a woman who is ready for children or wants to choose contraception in other methods can take the ring 3-7 days after menstruation.

③ Women with early pregnancy can take the ring while performing abortion surgery.

④ Diagnostic or after the diagnostic curettage or after surgery or after surgery.

⑤ When the uterine abnormal bleeding is abnormal, the ring is taken at any time, the parallel diagnosis is diagnosed, and the pathological examination of the tissue is excluded and the endometrium disease is eliminated.

These can only be taken in the case of eliminating contraindications such as inflammation of reproductive tract.If you are in the reproductive organs and pelvic acute infections, or if the whole body is not good, you cannot tolerate the occurrence of surgery or disease.


What are the precautions after taking the ring?

① Pay attention to rest after taking the ring to avoid violent activities.

② Do not have the same room within two weeks. Women who want to be pregnant with a second child should be conceived after half a year.

③ Do not take a bath and keep the vaginal cleaning to prevent infection.

④ After the ring is taken, the lower abdomen discomfort and the vaginal bleeding may occur because the ring stimulates the endometrium and the cervix.This situation usually disappears after a few days.If fever, abdominal pain, and bleeding more, you must go to the doctor in time.

⑤ Women before menopause should choose other contraceptive methods after taking the ring.

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