Pay attention to expectant mothers: There are these 7 signs before giving birth, which means to have a baby!

Every pregnant mother is looking forward to the day when the baby is born.But as the due date is getting closer, many pregnant mothers will have such questions: when will the baby come out?What are the signs of a few days before giving birth? Many pregnant mothers are unable to distinguish it, like a cute curious baby.Now I will take you to understand what are the signs before giving birth to make the pregnant mother prepare and welcome the baby’s arrival with a happy mood.

1. Decrease in the bottom of the palace: Compared with the previous, the pregnant mother will feel that breathing is smooth, appetite becomes better, and the stomach pressure is reduced, and it feels much easier.

2. Limotonic and abdominal distension: The fetus enters the pelvis, the pelvic bone pressure increases, and the pregnant mother has the feeling of waist soreness and abdominal distension.

3. Increased urine frequency: As the fetus enters the basin to compress the bladder, the frequency of pregnant mothers to the toilet gradually increases.Pregnant mothers who felt frequent urination before, this feeling will exacerbate.

4. Pregnant mothers feel that fetal movement is reduced or frequent, which is also a sign of before giving birth.

5. Pregnant mothers feel that the vaginal discharge is increased, and the pregnant mothers in pants will feel that the pants are unstable and fall down.I also experienced it myself. After this feeling, I gave birth to my baby after three days.

6. Frequent contractions and regular.However, if the frequency of the palace reaches 5-8 minutes, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for examination in time.

7. Seeing red: Generally, you should go to the hospital for examination within a few hours of red.But sometimes I still have to wait for 1-2 days after seeing the red, sometimes a few days later to start a regular uterine contraction.

As long as the pregnant mothers have the above situation, they are the signs of the baby who is about to be born. Be sure to take the birth package to go to the hospital in time to give birth.I wish all expectant mothers smoothly and have a healthy and beautiful baby.

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