Pay attention to proof of pregnant women with chest threatening?

Chest permeability is a test project that uses X -rays to check the internal tissue of the human body. We will often encounter in the medical examination, but pregnant women cannot do breastpasses, because the radiation produced by the chest is possible.Although it may not cause fetal malformations, we cannot ignore the existence of this possibility.

What does it mean to do chest transparency in pregnant women

Pregnant women do chest transparency means that pregnant women have performed chest thyroid examination without knowing or unknown. Due to the use of a certain dose of radiation, this X -ray radiation is damaged to the human body, especially especiallyIt affects the factors such as chromosomes such as chromosomes. Therefore, it is still serious for pregnant women to do chest permeability. It is related to the health of the fetus, and expectant mothers must pay attention to it.

Can pregnant women do breastpasses?

Pregnant women cannot do chest permeability. This is because X -rays used by chest transplantation have the possibility of teratogenic. Although it does not mean that the chest threatening during pregnancy will definitely make the fetus deformed, but at least there is this possibility.This is already very dangerous.The expectant mothers need to conduct regular examinations during pregnancy to eliminate the possibility of unhealthy or even deformed fetuses. When performing any other types of physical examination, they must inform the doctor in advance that they are pregnant.The danger is checked. For the health of the baby, everyone must pay attention at any time.

What is the effect of pregnant women on the fetus on the fetus

Pregnant women are completely banned, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. This period is the period of key cell division and development. If the pregnant woman is radiated with chest transparency, it may have irreversible effects. The fetus may be deformity.EssenceIf a large -dose X -ray is accepted at this stage, it can cause congenital malformations of the fetus, such as small head deformity, low intelligence, slow development, leukemia, etc., which can also cause fetal abortion and fetal death.However, some scholars believe that a single chest radiation dose is not enough to tease.

In the subsequent pregnancy, if the chest is performed, it also has a certain impact, which may affect the growth and development of the fetus.Essence

What should I do if pregnant women do their chest through

What if you are pregnant but accidentally do your chest through your chest?At this time, you need to go to the hospital for examination. Only through the examination can you determine whether the fetus is affected or how much it is affected.If expectant parents want to leave their children, they can ask doctors to adopt serum science examinations, three -dimensional color ultrasound and other examinations at all stages of pregnancy, and strictly screen medical measures whether the fetus has malformations.However, if vaginal hemorrhage or abdominal pain such as vaginal hemorrhage or abdominal pain have occurred, or the fetus is abnormal during pregnancy examination, it is necessary to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy.

In short, if you do chest permeability during pregnancy, the main thing is to go to the hospital for examination and pay close attention to the development of the fetus, so as to determine how to go next.

Can I do breastpasses during breastfeeding?

There are divergent opinions on whether the breasts can be performed during lactation, but most doctors’ views are still possible.Some doctors think that the X -rays used for chest transplantation are mainly damaged chromosomes, so they cannot do breastpasses during pregnancy and pregnancy. However, during breastfeeding, it will not affect the baby during breastfeeding, so it can be done.

However, some doctors believe that breastfeeding cannot be performed during breastfeeding, because X -rays will cause minor damage when penetrating the human body, and it will still affect the mothers who breastfeed.For not recommended inspection items, you can not try to do it as much as possible. You can use the chest tablet to replace the chest threatening.

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