People who smoke for a long time suddenly quit, will their bodies affect?Listen to what the doctor says

Mr. Wang, 48, has a history of smoking for more than 30 years. In recent years, he has experienced symptoms of cough and sputum, and has gradually increased.I came to the hospital for a series of examinations, and the results showed that his biocontonum had been damaged, so I suggested that he quit smoking as soon as possible.

Mr. Wang looked very embarrassed. He frowned and asked me, "Doctors, you said that I have been smoking for more than 30 years. Will there be a bad impact on this suddenly quitting smoking?What abstinence reactions, what is going on? "

For Mr. Wang’s questions, I think many friends who want to start smoking will have similar concerns.So, let me tell you what the long -term smoking person suddenly quits, what will affect the body?

There are too many smoking hazards, let me list several main hazards:

行 Carcinogenic: According to the results of epidemic disease survey, smoking is an important disease of lung cancer, and smokers have 13 times higher than those who do not smoke people who have lung cancer.Not only is it more likely to develop lung cancer, smoking also has a certain relationship with malignant tumor diseases such as laryngeal cancer, bladder cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, etc.

系统 Damage the cardiovascular system: The smoke produced during smoking contain nicotine and carbon monoxide. The two can stimulate the inner wall of the vascular wall and promote the occurrence of coronary atherosclerosis. Nicotine can promote platelet aggregation and narrow the blood vessel cavity.At the same time, carbon monoxide destroys the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells in the blood, causes tissue to hypoxia, leads to coronary arteries spasm, further strengthen the development of coronary heart disease, and greatly improves the chances of cardiovascular accidents in smokers.

系统 Damage to the respiratory system: Smoking may induce respiratory diseases such as chronic pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.People who smoke for a long time usually have cough and sputum, and in severe cases, they will also have difficulty breathing after labor.

期 Affecting fertility: Men who smoke for a long time may have impotence, and nicotine also has the effect of killing essence, which may affect fertility.For women, smoking will cause them to have menstrual disorders and menopamentals in advance, and may also lead to difficulty in conception, ectopic pregnancy and spontaneous abortion.

Let’s take a look at what would have an impact on the body if they suddenly quit their long -term smoking?

When we just started to quit smoking, our body is likely to have symptoms of smoking quit syndrome.This smoking quit syndrome is also called "nicotine withdrawal syndrome".If the person who smokes a long -term smoking quit smoking, the nicotine content intake in the body is sharply reduced, and the level that the brain has always adapted may cause smoking quitters to appear "nicotine withdrawal syndrome".Moreover, in general, the longer the smoking age of smoking quit, the more obvious the symptoms of the "nicotine withdrawal syndrome" he showed when quitting smoking.

Calpy thirst: During the period when the smoking cessation was started, the body of the smoking quit may often have symptoms of dry mouth and thirst.But we don’t have to worry, this may be that our body needs to consume a lot of water in the repair process.Therefore, if you feel thirsty at the beginning of the smoking quit, you can drink more water in time and drink more water, which will help help the body to discharge waste and toxins.

戒 Sleep problem: Many smoking quitting people will have various sleep problems when quitting smoking at the beginning. Some people will show difficulty falling asleep, how can they sleep on the bed;How can I not sleep well … The reasons for these situations in quitting smokers are on the one hand, the stimulation of various substances that the brain is accustomed to smoking, and may have acquired conditional reflexes. When the smoking cessation is quitLater, nerve cells and tissues may have short -term disorders, making smoking quitters excited or irritable and anxious, which is difficult to fall asleep.

On the other hand, there are also psychological factors.Many smoking quitters are accustomed to smoking a smoke before going to bed to relax, and then sleep.Therefore, once you suddenly quit smoking, you may always feel that there is a lack of something, you can’t relax, and you can’t sleep well.

These situations are only temporary, and you don’t need to worry too much.Soak your feet before going to bed, try to avoid drinking strong tea and coffee, which will refresh the beverages. At this stage, it will soon be survived.

困The drowsiness, sleepy, and no spirit: The opposite of insomnia, many smoking cessors will also show tiredness, unable to lift the spirit, and always want to sleep.This is because there is no material such as nicotine, nicotine and other substances to stimulate and excite the nerves after quitting.Similar situations occur, if you don’t want to affect the work and study during the day, then pay attention to maintaining sufficient sleep. You can take a break at a lunch break, or go to bed early at night to extend your sleep time.

期 Cough: If we smoke for a long time, our lungs will secrete a large amount of mucus to protect ourselves from being injured by toxic and harmful substances in smoke.In the process of quitting smoking, the mucus secreted by the lungs gradually began to relax, and then it was arranged in the body through the respiratory tract, and the cilia movement will start again.Therefore, during this time, the smoking quit may feel that their cough seems to be worse.The increase in cough times, we don’t need to worry. Generally, the symptoms of coughing the cough after a few days after the smoke quit will be relieved.Essence

Hungry: After starting smoking, the physical function of smoking quit is gradually recovering, and the ability of the digestive system to absorb food and nutrients will gradually increase, so smoking quit people will feel increased appetite and often feel hunger.It is not a bad thing to improve appetite. If you are worried that you will get fat too much, then we will perform some exercise appropriately and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Some of the hands of smoking quit may appear slightly trembling for several weeks.If it does not affect life, we just need to pay attention to the changes in tremor.If you are really worried, you can also consult the doctor according to the specific situation to exclude your concerns.

I don’t need to say more the benefits of quitting smoking. After quitting smoking, it can greatly improve the body’s physical function, and it can also reduce the rate of cancer or other cigarette -related prevalence … In short, for the sake of family healthThere will be many discomforts when quitting smoking.

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