People with poor spleen and stomach pay attention, if they often take yam, or help regulate the health of the spleen and stomach

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are not only the digestive organs of the body, but the spleen and stomach must also bear the heavy responsibility of sympathetic qi and blood.Therefore, in Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and the health of the spleen and stomach is essential for the health of the body.However, with the abundance of people’s dietary culture, the phenomenon of damage to human spleen and stomach is becoming more common.

A series of gastrointestinal problems caused by the weakness of the spleen and stomach have gradually become a hidden health hazard that seriously affects people’s quality of life.Therefore, nourishing the stomach and spleen has become an imminent thing.

However, often when most people have spleen and stomach problems, they do not know themselves.So, what symptoms or phenomena have the body?For people with poor spleen and stomach, taking yam often helps to regulate the health of the spleen and stomach, and the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

1. These phenomena of the body are all manifestations of poor spleen and stomach

1. Drooling while sleeping

Maybe to most people, drooling during sleep is a manifestation of good sleep quality, and some people also think that they often drool when they sleep or have symptoms of oral diseases.But in fact, it is a manifestation of drooling when sleeping often, or the human spleen and stomach damage.

Because the spleen and stomach of the body is weak, the human body’s absorption and digestive function may be damaged, and the human body is prone to a series of gastrointestinal problems, and these gastrointestinal problems will exacerbate the drooling of people while sleeping.

2. Pale lips

In fact, by observing the health of the human lips, the health of the spleen and stomach can also be judged. Generally speaking, if the human body has pale lips or the symptoms of regular dryness and peeling, it may also be a manifestation of the weak spleen and stomach. Such people such peopleIt is necessary to pay attention to the spleen and stomach.

3. Constipation

In fact, constipation is actually a manifestation of damage to the spleen and stomach function to a certain extent. Because the spleen and stomach are the main digestive organs of the human body and the human body.The metabolites cannot be digested and absorbed in time, and they will accumulate in the intestine, which causes patients to have constipation.

Second, people with weak spleen and stomach often take yam, or help nourish the spleen and stomach

For people with the above three symptoms, if you want to improve the symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness to condition the spleen and stomach, you may wish to take more yam on weekdays.

As we all know, the yam not only contains a large amount of crude fiber, but also the effective ingredients contained in yam can play the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach and nourishing the spleen after entering the human body.

Especially for patients with poor digestion caused by weak spleen and stomach, or symptoms such as accumulating food and constipation, taking some yam properly, or effectively promoting the motility of the stomach and intestinesThe effect of eliminating food and nourishing the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, for those who have the above symptoms and want to improve the damage to the spleen and stomach, they may take some yam more properly on weekdays to achieve the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and make the spleen and stomach healthier and stronger.

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