Plant science: What are the conditions for durian planting?Can the seeds eaten in the flesh germinate?

Conditions for planting durians: 1. The average annual temperature needs to reach above 22 ° C, and it also needs to ensure that there is no frost throughout the year.The above; three, choose a loose and fertile, breathable soil to plant, and maintain a high -temperature and humid growth environment.

First of all, we must ensure that there is a warm and humid environment to plant durian. The northern area is not suitable for planting, because durian is a tropical fruit that needs to maintain the annual temperature of more than 22 ° C. When the climate environment temperature is lower than 10 ° C, thenDurian will die, and areas with too high altitude are also not suitable for durian planting because of low temperature.

Durian can be breeded by cutting and sowing, and durian seeds can also germinate. If friends living in the south, you can also leave the durian seeds in the flesh, select those full and fat seeds, and thenSowing and breeding can germinate the seedlings in about 1 to 2 months.

If there is a durian maternal plant, you can also use the method of pressing bars to cultivate plant seedlings. It can grow seedlings in about two months. When the seedlings of the durian reaches 30 ~ 40 cm high, it can be planted by it.EssenceDurian likes to grow in lime soil. Some organic fertilizer and lime can be added to the pot soil to ensure the fertilizer required by durian during the growth process.

As long as the base fertilizer is sufficient, then in the subsequent maintenance process, you only need to focus on the fertilizer once a year, that is, when topdressing in spring, you can eat more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium organic compound fertilizer to promote plant pumping and summer in summer and summer.Hanging fruit.

However, because durian’s climate requirements are too high, it is only suitable for growing in tropical regions. Like Thailand, such as summer, it is suitable for planting fruits such as durian. Well, that is because durian trees growing in Thailand have good sunshine conditions, so only in my country in China and Yunnan, there will be a large area of ​​durian plantation.

In the end, if you dear flower buddies know what are the cultivation conditions of durian, please leave a message below to share and discuss with you.

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