Please follow these changes before and after pregnancy and after pregnancy.

The New Shaba Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital novice parents training camp event scene.

At the outpatient clinic of Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Changsha, many pregnant mothers were accompanied by the quasi -father. The prospective dad gathered together to open the "Tucao Mode"."Well! My family is going to eat hot buns in the middle of the night. Where can I find it?" … After listening to Bao’s vomiting, doctors carried out serious education on them.The reason why Baoma became pregnant is really not "arrogant", but because their bodies have experienced too much.

1. Emotional changes

Before pregnancy, it is as gentle as water, and after pregnancy, "the volcanic eruption", the emotions of pregnant mothers become very unstable. In fact, this is a common normal phenomenon.

Because of the rapid rise in progesterone in women during pregnancy, and these hormones affect the changes in neurotropic primary in the brain, the mood will be impermanent and mood is changeable.

Second, face value changes

Meridocyrin secreted in women has melanocyte stimulation effects.After pregnancy, increased estrogen and progesterone stimulate melanocytes, which will increase the melanin in the pregnant mother, leading to pigmentation in the nipples, areolas, and the vulva with the belly button as the middle point, and the vulva.Some pregnant mothers have chloasma on the forehead, nose and cheeks.

Third, hip changes

Pregnant mother’s body is mainly influenced by the body. On the one hand, fat is easy to accumulate, and on the other hand, the stability of the combination of sacroiliac joints on the pelvis is deteriorated. Coupled with the pressure of the fetus, the gap between the pubic bone combination becomes wider.

In addition to affecting the beauty of the pregnant mother, the above changes can easily lead to the pain or pelvic pain near the groin when turning the movement or going upstairs, getting bed, getting off the bus, and even walking.

The predecessor of pregnancy is as light as a swallow. With the development of the baby after pregnancy, the weight continues to increase, and the action of pregnant mothers is becoming inconvenient.The long -term load makes simple bending and climbing stairs will become tired.In terms of pregnancy, mothers really sacrificed a lot. After having a small guy in her belly, they need to bear all kinds of physical discomfort during pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, and the shape of the body.Time and energy with children.Therefore, dads also have to think more about pregnant mothers to understand their changes.(Correspondent Liu Yang)

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