Popa Pet Penal Popular Science: Can the female cat get rid of accidental pregnancy?

Cats are not suitable for fetal, because such behavior will pose a great threat to their lives.If the pregnancy of the pregnant cat is still small, and the pet owner does not require the fertility of it, you can consider using the drug abortion, but the use of this drug for cats will also have great risks, which may lead to a fetus with a fetus.Remains residual.Therefore, Piate does not recommend inducing labor and fetal fetus.

1. Harm of getting a cat for a cat:

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to give birth to female cats, because the drug used for cats’ abortion is easy to cause harm to cats, especially in the late stages of cat pregnancy, traditional Chinese drugs may be residual, and the female cat may have pus in the uterus in the later stage.Waiting for the problem, and the fetal surgery will also cause some damage to the female cat’s body.Therefore, if the female cat accidentally get pregnant unexpectedly, it is recommended that the pet owner be produced in accordance with normal procedures.

The cat’s resistance during pregnancy is very weak, and the pet owner needs to give it more detailed care. The most important of which is to reasonably match the female cat’s diet. In addition to using cat food to feed cats, you can also match some meat, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables.Fruit and other foods are fed for female cats. Secondly, during the pregnancy of the female cat, pets must supplement the female cats to supplement calcium and trace elements, which can protect the healthy growth of the fetus and avoid postpartum hypotonic calcium in the female cat.In addition, the pet owner should also pay attention to keeping warm measures for pregnant cats and allowing pregnant cats to exercise appropriately.

2. How to avoid the unexpected pregnancy of female cats?

If the pet owner does not intend to let the female cat grow, it is recommended that the pet owner takes it to the pet hospital for sterilization surgery at the age of June, that is, the female cat.Giving a cat’s sterilization is good for the health of cats. It can greatly reduce the chance of cats such as uterine pus, breast tumors, ovarian tumors, uterine fibroids and other diseases.

And cats can also effectively avoid problems such as tension, irritability, and decreased appetite due to estrus.If the pet owner only does not want to get pregnant for the time being, it is recommended to monitor the cat’s activity at all times in normal life, and try to avoid its contact with other opposite sex cats when going out.

Puandte warm reminder: Pets mainly pay attention not to let cats get pregnant prematurely. Generally speaking, cats can be in estrus at the age of June, but the risk of cats at the age of June is very risky because the cat’s body at this timeThe development is not yet mature. When the cat has a child at this time, it is very unfavorable to the health of itself and the fetus, and it may even shorten the life of the cat. Therefore, it is recommended to let it breed the cubs after the cat is one year old.

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