Popular science (2) In addition to contraception, contraceptives are other useful?

Contraceptives are no stranger to women who do not have a baby plan. No matter which contraceptive choice, it is to reduce the pregnancy efficiency outside the plan. In fact, the effectiveness of contraceptives is not only contraception.

It can also treat other gynecological diseases often encountered by women. Below we will share with you the problems of the use of contraceptives often asks in the outpatient clinic in the form of question and answer.

Well, this issue, let’s take a look at the problems that friends who are medical will often ask.

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——You, hello.For adolescent girls or women of childbearing age on their faces, doctors recommend taking contraceptives, which makes us puzzled. Can oral contraceptives treat acne?

——Drost acne is caused by the level of high male hormones in the body. In recent years, as oral contraceptives have continued to develop, some contraceptives containing anti -androgen preparations have greatly helped to treat acne.

For example, the estradiol / acetic acid ring propactical has a contraceptive effect and a anti -roged effect.

—— Hello doctor!What is the principle of oral contraceptives to treat acne?

-Hello, according to your description.

First of all, oral contraceptives, by inhibiting the lutein -promoting hormone (LH), the male hormones include the secretion of free testosterone.

Secondly, oral contraceptives are combined with more cyclic testosterone. Oral contraceptives containing estrogen can increase the level of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) to reduce serum free testosterone.

In addition, in the hair follicles and skin, antiarolytic progesterone can reduce therogens by blocking therogens receptor and inhibiting 5α-reducing enzymes into bi-hydrogen testosterone.

Therefore, oral contraceptives can have the effect of treating acne.

—— Doctor, hello.Excuse me, is there any side effects of emergency contraceptives?

——Is emergency contraceptives cannot be taken for a long time. This should be common sense, but many young people take it as the first choice for contraception.

In principle, emergency contraceptives do not hurt the body in principle, but the side reaction will cause irregular menstruation.

It is recommended that emergency contraceptives cannot be taken as a regular contraceptive method. It is generally better to control within one month of orally within one month.Because emergency contraceptives frequently interfere with hormone balance in the body, it will more or less have a adverse effect on the body.

Note: The above is only for reference. Everyone needs to take the drug according to the actual situation (if you also have better opinions and suggestions, please leave a message to share)

Author: Ruan Xiangyan

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