positive energy!After ectopic pregnancy and fetal stop, finally ushered in good pregnancy!

In February 15th, the holidays have always been on time. I actually had two regular holidays this month. The color was soy sauce. Because there was no experience, I didn’t take it at the time.I felt a bit wrong, and I never had such a situation before.

I took a leave with the company. I took my husband to the hospital early in the morning. I did not expect that it was an ectopic pregnancy after the test results came out. The doctor said that he had to do surgery quickly, otherwise bleeding would be troublesome.The surgery was arranged the next day, and only fear and fear were lying on the operating table. Fortunately, there was no removed fallopian tube. After surgery, it was recuperated at home for half a year.

In November, I found that this holiday was postponed for nearly ten days. It happened that I dreamed that I was pregnant, so I bought the pregnancy test stick and came back to test, and instantly became red.I went to the hospital for examination the next day. I have been determined to be a good pregnancy in the palace, and the progesterone value is not bad, so I can go home with confidence.It’s a pity that the heavens are not willing to have a wish. The second time to check for more than two months is more than two months of pregnancy. When the inspection report came out, the embryo stopped developing. When I saw these six words, I was stunned instantly.Well, neither abdominal pain nor bleeding, doctors can say why.In this way, I lost my child again, and the pain was really not understandable by ordinary people.

After the previous two things, I think that if you want to conceive a healthy baby, you must first have a healthy body.The family introduced a relatively famous local Chinese medicine medicine. She asked for leave to see it, saying that my palace cold was more serious. I opened a Chinese medicine conditioning for me, and also explained that I usually eat less cold things as much as possible.After drinking for a while to review, Chinese medicine said that he could start to prepare for pregnancy.

I did n’t know when my ovulation day was before, so I went to buy ovulation test strips online. After all, it was the first time I used ovulation test strips. I did n’t have experience. I thought about it.Miss ovulation day.In the second month, I specially studied the use of ovulation test strips online. I finally figured it out. I also learned a lot of experience. Some sisters said that eating black beans can promote ovulation.The methods are very practical.

I started to measure ovulation from the fourth day after the holiday was clean. There were arrangements for the measurement of Qiangyang and the weakness, because I was the back of the uterus, and I raised my legs afterwards.Essence

During that time, I happened to be very busy, and I did n’t think about whether I was pregnant. I did n’t come for five days until the holiday was postponed. I wondered if I had it.They all showed that they were pregnant. I called the husband as soon as possible. My husband was so excited that I couldn’t say that the good news was announced to the parents of both parties.

After experiencing the previous two things, this pregnancy was particularly careful. Fortunately, at the seven weeks of pregnancy, there were fetal buds and fetal hearts. Everything was normal, but the pregnancy vomiting was serious in the early pregnancy.An Jiangbao, this is my "life -saving straw". It can be said to be the "nemesis" of pregnancy. It has been relieved for a few days.The current task is to raise a good tire and look forward to the day when you meet your baby.

In the end, I want to say to my baby, my mother loves you so much, it is not easy for your mother to come here. You must be obedient and grow up healthily.

PS: Seeing a lot of pregnancy sisters will put all energy on pregnancy, which has caused a lot of pressure on themselves. In fact, it will be counterproductive.It’s you!I also hope that all little angels can come to the world healthily and smoothly!

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